Aayan Ibrahim
Aayan Ibrahim
Status: Deceased
Birthplace: Pakistan
Nationality: Flag of Pakistan Pakistani
Profession: Medical student
Marital status: In a relationship
Significant other(s): Kiran (girlfriend)
Carrie Mathison (one-night stand)
Other family: Haissam Haqqani (uncle)
Played by: Suraj Sharma
Seasons: 4, 5
Episodes: 7 appearances
First episode: "The Drone Queen"
Last episode: "Super Powers" (hallucination)

Aayan Ibrahim was a Pakistani medical student. He was portrayed by Suraj Sharma.


Aayan studied at a medical school in Islamabad, Pakistan. Aayan had been at a family wedding party, recording the proceedings on his phone at the moment a missile strike was executed by the CIA to assassinate Haissam Haqqani, his uncle and Taliban commander.

Aayan declined to upload the video to YouTube despite the urging of his roommate, Rahim. As he slept, Rahim took the phone and got his cousin to upload the video, which quickly became viral.

CIA Recruitment

Carrie, then Chief of Station in Islamabad, worked with Fara and Max work to gain Aayan's trust through promises of getting him out of Pakistan and sending him to a London university to eventually recruit him as an asset to locate Haqqani.

Fara and Carrie, disguised as British journalists, both initially failed to win him over. Carrie eventually had to resort to sexually seducing him. Satisfied with the information he was able to divulge, Carried supplied Aayan the passport, money, and flight reservation she had promised in exchange.

But at that moment, in a coordinated move, CIA agents disguised as Pakistani ISI agents staged an abduction of Carrie. Aayan, barely able to "escape", then had no choice but to flee to Haqqani for help.


Having inserted a tracking device in his new passport, the CIA was able to trace Aayani's rendezvous with Haqqani. However, Haqqani anticipated his cousin to be followed. And so at their meeting near the Afghanistan border, he brandished to the Predator drone overhead Saul Berenson, the former CIA Director whom he abducted at an airport.

Believing Aayani to be a traitor, Haqqani shot him execution style at point blank range.


He died deceived by Carrie's feigned intimacy; his last phone call was made to express his gratitude and love for her. Kiran, his distant girlfriend, was also left estranged. Her father, who was implied to be abusive, reported him for smuggling medicine to treat his uncle's condition, resulting in expulsion. The two also had a tense parting in which Kiran pleaded for Aayani to take her with him, and he had no choice but to refuse.

Aayani's greatest impact was on Carrie as she became overcome by guilt for her willingness to sacrifice him.

Behind the Scenes


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