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Ahmed Nazari
Ahmed Nazari.jpg
Status: Alive
Profession: Attorney
Played by: Darwin Shaw
Season: 5
Episodes: 2 Appearances
First episode: "Oriole"
Last episode: "All About Allison"

Ahmed Nazari is an attorney who was working against Allison Carr.


Samir Khalil reported to Carrie that he saw Nazari, thought to have been dead, in five months prior. She decided to track him down to see what he knew and through Numan they discovered that his wife was living in Amsterdam.

In a flashback, Allison Carr introduced Carrie to Nazari, who was reluctant to work with anyone other than Allison. He indicated that he had feelings for the latter and that he stole $8 million from the Ministry of Justice.

Later, having taken Nazari's laptop, Carrie got Numan to hack it and they discovered a photo of Nazari at a beach bar which proved his connection to Allison.

Behind the Scenes


Season 5
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