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Allison Carr
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Name: Allison Carr
Status: Deceased
Birthplace: Wisconsin, United States
Cause of death: Shot multiple times
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Alias(es): Allison Stevens;


Affiliation: Central Intelligence Agency double agent for the Federal Security Service
Profession: CIA Station Chief in Berlin
Significant other(s): Saul Berenson (lover)

Ivan Krupin (lover)

Played by: Miranda Otto
Season(s): 5
Episodes: 12 appearances
First episode: "Separation Anxiety"
Last episode: "A False Glimmer"

Allison Carr was CIA station chief in Berlin, and a double agent and asset for Russian intelligence. Previously, she was CIA station chief in Baghdad where she met Carrie, and also her Russian SVR handler.


She is the CIA station chief in Berlin. She is revealed to be a long-time double agent working for the Russians, having been blackmailed by SVR officer Ivan Krupin in 2005 while serving as a case officer in Baghdad. Ivan then became her handler and lover, receiving classified American intelligence in exchange for information that would help Allison rise the ranks of the CIA. Allison is shown to be cunning, materialistic and manipulative, initiating a sexual relationship with Saul following his divorce to gain trust within the upper echelons of the CIA.

In Berlin, Allison puts out a hit on Carrie after leaked CIA documents mention a connection between Carrie and Ahmed Nazari, one of Allison's high-value assets in Baghdad who was also working for the Russians. Carrie fakes her death and goes into hiding to uncover the conspiracy, and finds clues on Nazari's laptop indicating Allison's allegiance to the Russians.

Carrie and Saul hatch a plan alongside German intelligence to lure Allison into being arrested alongside Ivan. Allison is soon released from custody to help thwart an incoming jihadist attack on Berlin. However, the Russians inform Allison that her final task is to ensure that the attack occurs. Allison tracks down one of the jihadists' accomplices, learns the time and location of the attack, then kills the man as well as her CIA escort before shooting herself in the shoulder to stage a shootout. At the hospital, she lies about the location of the attack to mislead the authorities, then escapes while unattended.

Saul makes a deal with Ivan, offering him witness protection in the U.S. in exchange for intel on Allison's extraction procedure. Saul and a team intercept Allison's car and kill her.


As revealed in the episode, "All About Allison," Allison first met protagonist Carrie Mathison back in 2005, when Carrie was sent to Baghdad to replace Allison at her position. She introduces Carrie to Ahmed Nazeri, a lawyer who reveals his romantic feelings for Allison to her, as well as the fact that he has stolen $8 million from the Ministry of Justice. Allison reciprocates his romantic feelings and decides to run away with him to the island of St. Lucia, but at that moment, she is confronted by Ivan Krupin, a Russian intelligence agent who informed Allison that everything was recorded and she could face federal prison. At that moment, Krupin makes Allison a deal: work for the SVR and she could keep four of the eight million, while also climbing the CIA ranks with his help. In the events between 2005 and Season Five, Allison ordered a hit on Carrie in order to prevent her from revealing the truth about her villainous double dealings.


Allison was introduced in the Season Five premiere, and in the end of the third episode, "Super Powers," she was revealed to be in a sexual relationship with Saul Berenson. Allison's heel turn came in the final scene of the season's fourth episode, "Why Is This Night Different?". In the scene, Carrie takes the hitman's phone and dials the one number on it, which is revealed to be Allison, who answers ""Is it done?" in Russian. However, Carrie doesn't catch on to Allison, as she asks her for help at the end of the episode, "Oriole." Allison meets with Carrie in the aforementioned following episode, "All About Allison," while having a sniper ready to shoot Carrie at her order. After the meeting, Carrie finally learns about Allison plotting to kill her in the final scenes of the episode, when Numen hacks into Nazeri's laptop and sees a photo of him in St. Lucia. Carrie remembers Allison mentioning a bar in St. Lucia, which draws her to the realization that Allison is behind the hit.

In the season's penultimate episode, "Our Man in Damascus," the Allison encounters Dr. Aziz and kills him, as part of the plan to make sure the attacks in Berlin are successful. She then shoots herself on her shoulder to divert suspicion, but when she is about to be caught, she escapes from the hospital. Allison attempted to escape in the trunk of a car driven by her handlers in the season finale, "A False Glimmer, " only to end up shot to death by a group of gunmen.


Allison gets her latest and final command from the SVR, which is to do everything within her power to ensure that the Sarin attack goes off as planned. She’s hesitant to go through with it and is horrified that the SVR didn’t step in sooner to prevent the attack, another indication that Allison has never been a zealous traitor. She’s just an officer who never fully bought into the agency’s approach to its work, and her fierce survival instinct kicked in once Ivan pressured her into their illicit arrangement. Miranda Otto On ‘Homeland’s Allison Carr: “I Really Wanted Her To Get Away” .

Incidentally, Miranda Otto builds a spectacular new character, capable of sometimes rivaling Claire Danes' Carrie. Despite a “standard” start, in which we are obliged to her in the most discreet way possible, just like someone who Carrie seeks to ask for a favor, the scripts go on a very interesting growing that really succeeds in catching the viewer by surprise , by revealing that she is an agent co-opted by the Russians to infiltrate the CIA, and Otto does not plead and makes his journey credible, showing coldness, but also despair almost in equal parts, revealing a psychological difficulty that a double agent like her must face in real life.

Her human side gains credibility when she is genuinely concerned for her peers - on one side and the other - and takes tentative steps at times, culminating in her magnificent explosion in the bathroom of Saul's hotel room. It is a character that would deserve even more development, perhaps even in a following season if the end of the 5th season was not so definitive in relation to her.




Season 5 episode 7 (Oriole) Allison meets with Ivan after Saul stole the thumb drive: "Alishka.. no one does it better than you" - the Russian nickname that Ivan had for Allison.

As Ivan Krupin claimed, for ten years, Allison was the biggest SVR infiltration ever carried out in the CIA. To secure his position, he didn't hesitate to bankrupt employees like Sandy Langmore, who realized Alison wanted to topple Saul to become Chief of the CIA's Europe Division. (Species Jump)

As station chief in Moscow, Kiev and Berlin, she turned over CIA assets. This would result in the complete destruction of the American spy network within Russia as Saul stated in season 8 episode 12.

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