Andrew Lockhart
Andrew Lockhart
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Profession: Director of the CIA
Played by: Tracy Letts
Seasons: 3, 4
Episodes: 17 appearances
First episode: "Tin Man Is Down"
Last episode: "Long Time Coming"

Senator Andrew Lockhart was the director of the CIA.


Before becoming director of the CIA he was a United States Senator from Indiana, and Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

In his role as Chairman he led the committee's investigation into the bombing of the George Bush Center for Intelligence at Vice-President Walden's memorial service. He interrogated both Carrie Matheson and then-Acting Director of the CIA Saul Berenson.

He was nominated as CIA Director to replace Saul Berenson in early 2013. Though this came as a surprise to some, the primary reason for it were his views; Andrew Lockhart is more of a believer in drone strikes and remote intelligence, a position that the President agreed with, whereas Director Berenson was more inclined towards human intelligence and spies.

Lockhart was eventually appointed CIA director. After a drone strike in Pakistan ends up killing scores of civilians and apprently leads to the station chief's death by a Pakistani mob, Lockhart ordered CIA station chief Mathis stateside. Carrie discovered that Lockhart was aware of station chief Bachman's willingness to pass sensitive intelligence to ISI in exchange for the locations of elusive and high-value al-Qaeda and Taliban targets in the Pakistani tribal areas. Carrie used this to blackmail Lockhart into appointing her as station chief. Lockhart reluctantly agrees, but demands that Carrie bring the station under control.

Lockhart sent Saul Berenson to meet with ISI and investigate Bachmann's death. ISI elements, wanting the US out of Pakistan, conspire with Haissam Haqqani, one of their Taliban assets, to kidnap Berenson and attack the US embassy. Lockhart reluctantly agrees to a prisoner exchange. He is present at the embassy at the time of the attack, and refuses Haqqani's demands to turn over the CIA's database of assets in the tribal areas (built by Bachmann to keep track of al-Qaeda and Taliban figures in the tribal areas and mostly used for drone strikes) When Haqqani begins executing hostages, Lockhart turns over the list; Peter Quinn and a Marine guard take advantage of the distraction to engage and kill Haqqani's men. although Haqqani himself is able to escape to the tribal areas.

Lockhart is present when the US embassy is ordered to evacuate following Washington's decision to break off ties with Pakistan.

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