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Anna Pomerantseva
Anna Pomerantseva.jpg
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Self-inflicted gunshot to the head
Nationality: Flag of Russia.png Russian
Profession: Interpreter
Played by: Tatyana Mukha (present day)
Julie Engelbrecht (flashbacks)
Season(s): 8
First episode: "The English Teacher"
Last episode: "Prisoners of War"

“I only wish I could have seen the mission through to the end” - Anna

Played by Tatyana Mukha, Anna Pomerantseva (Russian: Анна Померанцева, Anna Pomerantseva) is the head interpreter for the GRU, and Saul's longtime asset inside the Kremlin.


A former English teacher in East Berlin, Anna volunteered to become Saul's spy in 1986 after her entire cadet class was executed because their classmate, Andrei Kuznetsov, defected to the U.S. with Saul's aid. Saul dismissed her, but when two members of the secret police cornered him, she shot them and saved Saul's life. Since then, she had been one of their most trusted assets ​​(spy) in Russia working her way up to the highest levels of the GRU.

She spends over two decades passing state secrets to Saul while rising the ranks of the Kremlin, using handwritten messages hidden inside the bindings of red leather books to communicate with Saul under an alias.

Carrie is eventually forced to give Anna's identity to the Russians in exchange for the flight recorder that proves that President Warner's helicopter crashed due to a mechanical failure, which would avert a war between the U.S. and Pakistan. Saul calls Anna to warn her that the Russians have her identity, but she kills herself to avoid being captured.

Two years later, Carrie takes over Anna's role as Saul's mole inside the Kremlin, using Anna's same tradecraft to pass vital information to Saul.

About Her

Saul’s mole was introduced in the penultimate episode, “The English Teacher.” Anna Pomerantseva (Tatyana Mukha) was the lead interpreter for Russia’s GRU intelligence agency and first met Saul in the mid-1980s when she was teaching English in East Berlin. She decided to be a pipeline of valuable information for Saul — a key source of the intelligence coups that built his career — after a group of her student-comrades were executed in East Germany because one of them defected after becoming a spy asset for Saul.

In “Prisoners of War", Saul broke and angrily told Carrie that she “permanently crippled our intelligence capability in Russia,” calling Anna the only remaining “live source” in a nation that is America’s “mortal enemy slowly but surely strangling our democracy.”

When she passes along the asset’s name to Yevgeny, he can’t believe it: She’s the lead interpreter for Russian’s intelligence agency. Carrie verifies it, though, with a video from Saul (from that thumb drive) confirming he’s been working with her since 1986. Yevgeny passes the name to the Russian intelligence director, and his men look to bring her in while Saul tips off his CIA special ops guy Scott Ryan that the interpreter’s been compromised.

Back at the UN, Agent Scott Ryan (Tim Guinee) tried to get Anna out of the building, but her boss learned that she was the mole and sent a team of flunkies down to grab her. There was a requisite chase scene through the back stairwell of the UN, but it quickly became clear that Anna wouldn’t be able to escape from the tiny storeroom where they were cornered.

It’s a foot race, with Scott and the interpreter fleeing the Russians and barricading themselves in an old storage room. The interpreter knows her time is up, though, and phones Saul, asking to “end this on my own terms.” Calmly and cooly, she asked Agent Ryan for his gun. When he resisted, she asked to talk to Saul.

Scott reluctantly gives her his gun, and she puts it to her head and pulls the trigger as Saul staggers and weeps.

At Dorit’s house, Carrie and Gromov watched the live news conference with Russian officials disclosing the discovery of the flight recorder. Gromov told Carrie that he was informed that Anna was dead.

“It’s the game,” he told Carrie.


Julie Engelbrecht plays a young Anna in flashbacks.

In fact, it seems that having the character may be inspired by the report on with access to the Kremlin has been incredibly difficult.


"There is no asylum for spies." - Anna for Ryan. She meant it figuratively, that the Russians would find her wherever she went.

“I only wish I could have seen the mission through to the end,” Anna told Saul. “I’ve never known anyone so brave,” he replied.

Personal Life and Relationships

In the 1980s, when Saul was in East Berlin - Anna approached him and wanted to work for the United States, as the Communist Party had brutally killed all his classmates. Anna has become a model of efficiency, a warrior monk embedded in the depths of the Kremlin bureaucracy. Saul and Anna's relationship spans 30 years. She never risked taking a document home. Instead, she meticulously memorized it during the service. For years, she'd spilled years of highly confidential secrets into little messages.

Deserved More

As we come to discover, Anna Pomerantseva was a secret informant for Saul Berenson and the US government against Russia. Her work has provided Saul valuable information over the years which has allowed the US to remain on top of Russia. Anna had done so successfully for many years and remained undetectable.
However, after being exposed by Carrie to the Russian Government and awaiting lengthy interrogations and even torture, Anna takes matters into her hands and ends her life. As Saul expressed to her before she died, Anna was an incredibly brave woman who, unfortunately, not many will know about.  For continuously putting her life on the line and risking it all, Anna deserved a more heroic recognition as her ending. - ELIVA ANDRIAMORA


Season 8
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