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Status: Deceased
Birthplace: Germany
Cause of death: Shot dead
Nationality: Flag of Germany.png German
Residence(s): Berlin, Germany
Affiliation: Bundesnachrichtendienst
Profession: BND Agent
Marital status: Single
Significant other(s): Ex-lovers: Peter Quinn
Played by: Nina Hoss
Season(s): 4, 5, 6
Episodes: 12 appearances
First episode: "Krieg Nicht Lieb"
Last episode: "Alt. Truth"

"She's a German spy woman!!" - QUINN, Peter

Astrid was a German intelligence officer working for the BND.


She shares years of on again, off again sexual history with Peter Quinn, for whom she has unrequited romantic feelings - the love of her life.

Season 4

For a time, Astrid is stationed in Islamabad, where she helps Quinn track down Haissam Haqqani (and meets Carrie along the way, repeatedly referring to her as Quinn's "girlfriend"). (Krieg Nicht Lieb)

Season 5

Two years later, Astrid helps Carrie and Quinn uncover a Russian conspiracy to infiltrate the CIA's Berlin station. When Quinn is captured by a jihadist cell and used as a test subject for a planned sarin gas attack, Astrid helps Carrie track down the location of the compound where Quinn was being held, ultimately rescuing him.

Season 6

Months later, Astrid breaks Quinn out of a New York psychiatric facility, bringing him to a remote cabin on Dar Adal's behalf and looking after him. However, a traumatized Quinn distrusts Astrid and repeatedly lashes out at her, and later empties the bullets out of Astrid's gun while she is away. That night, a rogue assassin from Dar Adal's black ops group ambushes the cabin and kills a defenseless Astrid. Quinn, feeling immense guilt over Astrid's death, eventually tracks down the assassin and brutally murders him as revenge.

Personal Life and Relationships

Astrid is a German employee of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND). Astrid has her much-needed sense of humor and confident, low-key performance in Season five.

She shares a common past with Quinn: she is his ex-girlfriend, but she often does her favors even after their relationship.

In Season 4, Astrid works as an employee at the German embassy in Islamabad. She helps Quinn go into hiding when he is on his personal revenge against the Haqqani terrorist.

And Astrid's help is also in demand in season five: she helps Carrie find out who is targeting her.


“This German intelligence officer is my boo. My homegirl. My theatre buddy who smokes by the vending machines and always wears eyeliner and snarks that nobody at our stupid school can even pronounce ‘sashimi,’ let alone enjoy it like a civilized person. She’s just so goddamned cool, is what I’m saying, and I practically whoop every time she’s on screen.” –Mark Blankenship

“Astrid’s such a great character. She’s funny and doesn’t take everything as seriously as Carrie, but she’s also written in such a way that I could also flesh her out and bring my own ideas to bear on her.” –Nina Hoss


Season 4
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