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Benjamin Hayes
Benjamin Hayes.jpg
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Profession: US Politics Vice President.png Vice President of the United States (former)
U.S. Politics President.png President of the United States (current)
Others: Ralph Warner (President; deceased)
John Zabel (political advisor)
David Wellington (Chief of Staff)
Played by: Sam Trammell
Season(s): 8
First episode: "False Friends"
Last episode: "Prisoners of War"

Benjamin Hayes is initially the Vice President of the United States under Ralph Warner, having been selected from the opposing party in a show of bipartisanship.

He later becomes President after the latter is killed in a helicopter crash.


He is present at a briefing led by the President Ralph Warner and openly calls for Saul Berenson to be fired from his job as National Security advisor. It is later revealed that he may be meeting with donors to organize a primary challenge in a bid to take down Warner.

He inherits the presidency following Warner's death in a helicopter crash. Impulsive and inexperienced, Hayes frequently makes decisions based on what would earn him the most political capital, which allows him to be easily manipulated.

When Afghan President Abdul Qadir G'ulom rounds up hundreds of Taliban prisoners in an attempt to draw out Haissam Haqqani, White House Chief of Staff David Wellington advises Hayes to talk down G'ulom. However, G'ulom manipulates the inexperienced Hayes into siding with his aggressive course of action. Hayes then hires John Zabel as his advisor on Afghanistan, but Zabel, eager to send the U.S. into another war in the Middle East, uses a leaked video of Jalal Haqqani claiming responsibility for President Warner's death to persuade Hayes into antagonizing Pakistan. The two countries reach the brink of war until it is proven that the President's helicopter crashed due to mechanical failure, forcing Hayes to stand down.


Season 8
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