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Big Man in Tehran
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Season 3, Episode 11
Written by: Chip Johannessen & Patrick Harbinson
Directed by: Daniel Minahan
Production number: 3WAH11
Running time: 54 minutes
Original airdate: December 8, 2013
Viewers (millions): 2.09

Big Man in Tehran is the eleventh episode of Season 3 of Homeland. It aired on December 8, 2013.


Carrie Mathison travels to Tehran to support the mission, while Nicholas Brody sees a ghost from his past that leads him to abandon his task to ask question. Meanwhile, in Washington, Andrew Lockhart is about to be sworn in as the new CIA chief, and Saul Berenson looks at the chasm between success and failure during his time as director.

Episode guide[]

Saul has himself taken to his prisoner Alan Bernard. He should help Saul with his mission in Iran and use his position as an Israeli agent. Bernard owes him this favor. Meanwhile, Brody is questioned by Javadi's people about the aftermath of the attack and his odyssey to Iran, but Brody has difficulty keeping everyone happy. One is suspicious that Brody would really just seek asylum.

Carrie has arrived in Tehran and moves into her hotel room. But she quickly leaves the hotel again. Meanwhile, Javadi is on his way to see Akbari, but he makes him wait for now. Carrie has arrived at Masud Sharazi, Fara's uncle, and wants to receive her mail. But Masud wants some information first. He doesn't like that Fara is in the CIA and working against her own country. However, Carrie explains that she is working for her country and gives Masud a photo of her. Since she still wears a headscarf in the USA, Carrie can finally get her mail.

Javadi was admitted to Akbari. She looks at the recordings of Brody's questioning and is also skeptical as to whether Brody is telling the truth. He discusses this with Javadi, who says that Brody is of incredible propaganda value because he hit the USA very hard with Langley. But Akbari first wants to be sure that Brody can be trusted. Javadi then suggests that perhaps Akbari should meet him in person to be sure for himself.

Carrie calls Saul and explains that she got her mail, the cell phone. Saul explains to her that she will have a meeting with two agents from Israel. They also go over the plan and Saul thinks everything looks good because Brody has now survived three days of questioning. Carrie looks at her reflection in the window and notices that she's starting to get a stomach.

The next day, Carrie meets with the two Israeli agents, who would like to know more about why they should help the CIA and, above all, how. Carrie tries to give away as little information as possible, but explains that Akbari is the target. Although they doubt that you can get that close to him, they then give Carrie an injection that has to be given to Akbari. When Carrie returns to her hotel shortly afterwards, a few men are waiting for her and they lead Carrie into the backyard. She panics a bit, but then sees Javadi, who wanted to talk to her privately. Javadi makes it clear to Carrie that the target is Akbari and saving Brody is only secondary. Javadi explains that Akbari might meet Brody the next day. Carrie immediately takes advantage of the opportunity and gives Javadi the injection that he is supposed to somehow get to Brody.

Saul prepares the CIA operations team for Brody's mission and explains the entire plan. Brody is given the syringe during an examination. At the end of Saul's remarks, Quinn asks why Carrie is still in Iran because her part is actually done. Saul explains that Carrie sees things differently.

Brody waits to be picked up and takes advantage of a brief moment of inattention from his minder to hide the syringe in his rolled-up shirt sleeve. Brody is finally taken into a car and the CIA officers realize that Akbari apparently has a different plan and is not going to Brody at all, but the meeting point is somewhere else. The CIA follows everything via satellite, while Carrie follows Brody with the Israeli agents. Meanwhile, Akbari's people are clearing a large square of citizens while the CIA tries to find out who might be living in a particular house in the evacuated square. Meanwhile, Carrie tries to convince the agents to stick to their plan despite the different location and distract with an explosion in order to then save Brody. He has now arrived at the place and discovers Akbari. Brody approaches him and prepares the syringe, but Akbari nods back into the car at the last moment and drives away. Brody stays behind and is led into the house from which Akbari came. Nassrin, Abu Nazir's wife, is waiting for him there. The CIA has also now found out who Brody is meeting. Nassrin knows Brody and could find out if he can be trusted. Nassrin sees Brody as a hero, but Brody explains that it is difficult for him to see himself as a winner because he has paid a high price, and his daughter's suicide attempt in particular takes a lot out of him. Nassrin says that Nazir prepared him for this, but Brody replies that she had losses too. Nassrin admits that she struggles with this too. She wants to know why he came to Tehran and Brody explains that he doesn't want to have to flee anymore.

Brody leaves Nassrin's apartment and is celebrated by people on the street. Carrie watches this uncertainly from a distance. Brody speaks to the crowd and asks for asylum. It meets with widespread approval. As he is being taken away in the car, he destroys the syringe on the car and drops it on the street.

Six days later, Saul sees Brody on television on a talk show on Iranian television telling his stories. Dar Adal and Lockhardt discuss to what extent the mission can still be successful. It is believed that he will no longer come near Akbari. Since he is now celebrated in Iran, they see him as a threat. He could betray Javadi because Brody is not trustworthy. You shouldn't risk the Javadi advantage. It's about time. To take Brody out of circulation. Saul calls Carrie and discusses whether the mission is still working. Saul wants Carrie to come home, but she doesn't want to leave Brody alone. Dar Adal tells Saul not to tell her the truth. After the phone call, Saul gives the order to eliminate Brody. Meanwhile, Carrie also suspects that something is wrong. She calls Masud Sharazi and asks for another favor.

Masud visits Brody after his prayers and gives him a phone. Shortly afterwards, Carrie calls him and asks him to come with him and escape. But he doesn't want to go. The CIA sees via satellite that Brody is on the phone and is therefore not continuing his prayers as usual. Meanwhile, Brody makes it clear that he doesn't know where to go and doesn't share Carrie's concerns. Carrie suddenly sees the CIA's operational team, the two Israeli agents, and causes Brody to disappear into the crowd. The CIA immediately realizes that he must be Carrie. Saul calls Carrie and makes it clear that she has made a huge mess because the warning means Brody can no longer be controlled.

Brody has fled to Nassrin and explains that he urgently needs to talk to Akbari because he has secret information about Javadi. Dar Adal informs Saul that Javadi saw Brody traveling with Akbari's people. They're pretty sure he'll ruin everything. Meanwhile, Brody is with Akbari and is allowed to be alone with him. Akbari explains how Abu Nazir raved about Brody back then. Brody finally tells Akbari that he knows that the CIA has Javadi under control and that he should get his job. Brody was supposed to eliminate Akbari as part of the mission. But he explains that he wants to pay off his debt for the trust and therefore tells him the truth. Brody talks to him about Nazir again and he realizes that his story began in this office. He quickly grabs an ashtray and knocks Akbari out. He then takes a pillow and smothers him. Akbari tries to defend himself, but has too little strength. Brody immediately calls Carrie and explains what happened and that she now has to save him.


In die toneel waar Carrie Farah se oom vind om die telefoon te bekom:

- Did you know that satellite telephony has never been illegal in Iran? An interesting fact about Iran

- An interesting fact about Iran: Satellite telephones are not illegal in Iran.


The DVDs have four major features:

  • Behind the scenes of the making of “Tower of David.” I found this much more interesting than I would have thought, especially considering I don’t really care much for the episode. It does reinforce just how ambitious and unique the episode is, from the mere perspective of recreating this real location. Really gives you a good idea of how much thought and care and time goes into creating scenes that last for less than 30 seconds.
  • Behind the scenes of “Big Man in Tehran” and “The Star.” This is actually not the same set of interviews Showtime has officially released in the past few months. Claire, Damian, Alex Gansa, Lesli Linka Glatter, and more talk about what it was like filming the final two episodes in Morocco, and of course the final two episodes of Brody’s story. Very interesting. There are some soul-crushing moments I’ll be giffing later. Just prepare yourselves.
  • Commentary on “The Star” with Alex Gansa, Damian Lewis, and Joe Hobeck (editor). This was honestly kind of a letdown. The insight they did add was very interesting and enlightening, especially from the editor (surprisingly enough), but there are also just moments of complete silence. Weird for a commentary. Gansa says they are just getting “lost” in the moment, but I can’t help wonder how much better this commentary would have been with this trio: Claire, Lesli, Meredith Stiehm. Alex Gansa provides good background about why certain storytelling decisions were made and he uses the word “restraint” a lot, which if you think about it is sort of the like the overall theme of the season’s tone.
  • Deleted scenes. I saved these for last because they were really the true highlight. Usually deleted scenes are boring and dull, but there are some really interesting ones in here. A few with the Brody family (and TWO reference Carrie Mathison which in and of itself is rather thrilling), a few with Quinn (the oft-referenced Quinn/Julia scene is here). But I really wanna talk about one with Carrie that takes place in “The Star,” during the denouement. I’ll gif it tonight but it takes place at her OB/GYN and it’s so so so relevant to this upcoming season I feel like it’s required viewing for everyone.


  • Nassrin: Life is unlivable. But I survive.
  • “Let’s get it done. Do it now.” - Saul
  • "I've travelled so far, and I almost didn't make it"
  • "You really fucked up this time," says Saul
  • Akbari: Nassrin told me you were upset. That you wanted to talk to me.
  • Akbari: You know, it was here in this office that I first heard your name. Abu Nazir told me about you, what a jewel he had found. What a sword for Allah.
  • Brody: You spoke with Abu Nazir about me? In this room?
  • Akbari: Yes. How he would send you against America. A sword to strike the heart of our enemy.
  • Brody: Good. It all started here.
  • Brody finds a cell phone on Akbari's desk and uses it to call Carrie, telling her, "I killed him. Get me out of here".


Main Cast[]

Guest Starring[]


  • Khalid Benchegra as Dariush Rahimi
  • Ames el Akil as Akbari's Guard
  • Mohammed Choubi as Javadi's Assistant
  • Aziz Laalaj as Reception Clerk
  • Hicham Quaraqui as Man
  • Anas Bensalama as Doctor
  • Farida Bouzaqui as First Woman
  • Boussalem as Brody's Guard
  • Moutaouakil Mohammed as Security Officer
  • Kaghat as Nassrin's Servant
  • Amal Essaqr as Bahar
  • Yasser el Aomayrine as Bellman



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