Matt Hadick Matt Hadick 18 October 2013
1 Homeland Extended Storyline

Fans of Showtime's Homeland who want to dive deeper into the show's complex web of family dynamics and espionage are in for a treat., the world's premier online audiobook retailer, has released a half-hour story performed by Damian Lewis, reprising his on-screen role as congressman and fugitive Nicholas Brody. The audio story will help fans deepen their understanding of what's been going on during the first few episodes of the new season.

From the press release:

“With the new season of Homeland in full swing, strategically it is important to explore new mediums and methods of reaching our consumers which includes the large fan base of the show,” said Roz Nowicki, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Retail at Fox Consumer…

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Brian Linder Brian Linder 10 September 2013

Exclusive Homeland Season 2 Blu-ray Video 3



DATE: September, 9

SUBJECT: Video #3

I've intercepted a third video. At approximately 8AM this morning, I left my residence and drove to the coordinates included in a handwritten message found at [REDACTED].

Upon determining that the coordinates led to a bandstand at the square in [REDACTED], I searched for a package similar to the previous two we've intercepted, ultimately removing a loose board at the center of the floor, and finding it there.

I retrieved the package, which contained an a USB drive, and returned to my vehicle. Driving home, I was followed by a black van for approximately four miles, before successfully losing them on the turnpike.

I've just arrived home and uploaded the following video from the d…

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Matt Hadick Matt Hadick 6 September 2013

Exclusive Homeland Season 2 Blu-ray Video 2



DATE: September, 6

SUBJECT: Video #2

Last evening, at exactly 7:00PM, I received a call informing me that all of the files on the flash drive I previously intercepted at [REDACTED] residence had been recovered and decrypted.

In addition to the video, it contained a text file with a phone number which I immediately called. The call went to voicemail -- the greeting, in a digitally altered voice, appeared to give directions to the location of a second package at [REDACTED].

At 7:35PM, I left my residence and drove to [REDACTED]. As instructed, I removed the front panel from the utility box at the back of the premises, and found a padded envelope. Inside was an additional USB flash drive, and a handwritten note givin…

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Matt Hadick Matt Hadick 4 September 2013

Exclusive Homeland Season 2 Blu-ray Video 1



DATE: September, 3

SUBJECT: The Video

At approximately 11:15AM on the morning of September 3rd, I began attempting to contact [REDACTED] to discuss a personal matter. [REDACTED] did not answer my calls, and so I drove to [REDACTED] residence, arriving at approximately 12:00PM.

While knocking on the front door, a small padded envelope addressed to [REDACTED] lipped out from where it had been lodged in the jamb. There was no answer at the door. I examined the envelope, determined that it contained a USB flash drive, placed it inside my pocket, and left the premises.

Upon arriving home, I opened the envelope, removed the flash drive and plugged it into my laptop. It contained the following video, along with an encryp…

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Porterfield Porterfield 3 October 2012

Season Premiere Reactions and Reviews

If your Sunday night involved watching the Homeland season premiere, The Smile, than you are probably as excited as I am for the development of the amazing series. If you haven't watched it yet, you can watch an edited version of the entire episode right now:

The new episode starts six months after Season 1 ended with Marine One, and we find that Carrie Mathison has become an ESL teacher. Unfortunately, Israel bombs a nuclear facility in Iran and the wife of a Hezbollah commander approaches the CIA with information about an imminent attack on the United States. The catch? This informer refuses to talk to anyone except her former handler, Carrie, and that is how our beloved protagonist is sucked by into the dangerous world of top secret int…

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XD1 XD1 3 October 2012

Live Chat: Homeland

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JAlbor JAlbor 24 September 2012

Season Two Predictions and Preview

Season 2 of Homeland comes back to Showtime in less than a week! The series returns with a slew of well deserved Emmy wins under its belt too, along with an audience intrigued by what the next run of episodes holds for Carrie, Brody.

The possibilities are fascinating! Here are some predictions about what the future can hold for Homeland. Be sure to chime in with your own predictions in the comments below!

  • Painful reunion? Sixth months have passed since the end of the first season. Since then, Carrie has undergone intense psychological therapy and Brody has committed himself in a run for political office. It's unlikely their relationship will kick off with anything less than a bang.
  • Revelations? It seems clear Carrie has forgotten some of the …

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Opark 77 Opark 77 8 September 2012

Top 10 list:Current cable dramas

I started a top 10 list for best current cable drama over at the wikia entertainment hub:

Top 10 list: Current cable dramas

Game of Thrones is leading the voting at the time of writing with my single solitary vote but any of you discerning viewers who have an opinion are more than welcome to join in. I have illustrated the list with up to date poster art for all of the series I included so I think it makes for an interesting scroll through too. --Opark 77 (talk) 12:28, September 8, 2012 (UTC)

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LexiLexi LexiLexi 16 November 2011

Does Carrie Have Feelings for Brody?

The past few episodes of Homeland have shown the relationship between Carrie Mathison and Nick Brody evolving. One thing I love about Homeland is that they never explicitly say how characters feel--after all, we don't even know if the main character is a terrorist or not!

If you saw the latest episode, The Weekend (if not, don't continue reading), we finally see some real emotion from Carrie regarding Brody. She seems to be so upset when he rejects her, but at the same time, doesn't deny that she truly believes he's a terrorist. Is it possible she actually has fallen in love with him, even under the impression that he's working for a terrorist organization against the US? Comment below and tell me what you think!

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