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Brett O'Keefe
Brett O'Keefe.jpg
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Profession: Media personality
Significant other(s): Sharon Aldright (girlfriend/colleague)
Played by: Jake Weber
Season(s): 6, 7
First episode: "Casus Belli"
Last episode: "Active Measures"

Brett O'Keefe is an influential right-wing radio personality.


Season 6

He also presides over an underground corporation that deploys vast amounts of fake social media accounts in order to influence the general population with his agenda; one of his main orders of business is to discredit Keane before she takes office.

Brett remains on the run in the aftermath of President Keane's assassination attempt and crackdown on government personnel and the media, who have been issued with arrest warrants.

Season 7

After Keane's inauguration, O'Keefe is labeled a fugitive and goes on the run, eventually taking shelter in Lucasville, Ohio with the Elkins family, most of whom staunchly support him.

When Saul arrives with the FBI, a standoff ensues between the Elkins family (alongside their armed reinforcements) and the authorities. Saul attempts to negotiate with O'Keefe to deescalate the situation, but O'Keefe allows tensions to rise so that he can broadcast the event live. The standoff eventually culminates in a shootout that results in mass casualties, largely on the Elkins' side. O'Keefe is detained by the FBI and kept in federal custody.


This character was based on Alex Jones.

Behind the Scenes


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