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Carrie Mathison
Carrie Mathison S6.jpg
Status: Alive
Age: 42
Date of birth: April 5, 1979
Birthplace: Annapolis, Maryland,
United States of America
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Affiliation: Central Intelligence Agency (former)
Düring Foundation (former)
Profession: CIA ID# 46655265 (former)
Head of security for the Düring Foundation (former)
Senior advisor to Elizabeth Keane (former)
Father: Frank Mathison (d. 2014)
Mother: Ellen Mathison
Sibling(s): Maggie Mathison (sister)
Tim (half-brother)
Marital status: In a relationship
Significant other(s): Former:
David Estes (one night stand)
Nick Brody (d. 2013)
Thomas Anson (one night stand in 2014)
Aayan Ibrahim (two night stand in 2014)
Jonas Hollander

Virgil Piotrowski (associate) (alive)

Fara Sherazi (associate) (d. 2014)

Max Piotrowski (associate) (d. 2018)

Yevgeny Gromov

Children: with Nick Brody:
Franny Mathison
Other family: Nieces:
Ruby Dunn
Josie Dunn
Played by: Claire Danes
Season(s): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
First episode: "Pilot"
Last episode: "Prisoners of War"
Saul Berenson: "Why? You like bad boys?"
Carrie Mathison: "That sounds funny coming from you. You know why girls like bad boys, Saul? Because it gives us an excuse to be bad all the while convincing ourselves we're saving them."

Caroline Anne "Carrie" Mathison (born April 5, 1979) is a former operations officer working for the Central Intelligence Agency. She is obsessively hunting down a terrorist named Abu Nazir, whom she suspects turned Nick Brody, an American prisoner of war, against his country.

In season 4, Carrie served as head of the CIA station in Kabul, being known as The Drone Queen. In Season 5, while working in Berlin for the Düring Foundation, she had the position of head of security and in the Season 6 finale, she became the senior advisor to newly-elected President Elizabeth Keane. In Season 7, she has left the position and is investigating the President's ties to the Russians. She is later captured by the latter and for months is left without access to her medication, which leaves her in a crazed state. In the final season, Mathison is still struggling to recover from her brutal treatment as a prisoner in Russia, now Saul wants to take her to Afghanistan, feeling her knowledge and experience there are essential


Carrie was born on April 5, 1979 in Annapolis, Maryland. She has a Bachelor's degree in Near East Studies and Linguistics from Northwestern University, studied Arabic and Farsi at the American University of Beirut, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Princeton University with a BA in Arabic Languages ​​and Literature in 1999) - Carrie's Run: Homeland Novel.


Carrie joined the CIA on August 1, 1999, and was recruited, trained, and placed in the field by CIA veteran Saul Berenson, with whom she continues to have a close working relationship. From the age of 22 she has been dealing with bipolar disorder, which is why she secretly takes an antipsychotic medication named clozapine. She also takes Lithium and clonazepam. She also has a history of alcoholism. (Homeland: Saul's Game)

It is suggested that at some point she had an affair with David Estes, who was her boss, which led the breakup of his marriage. (Semper I and Homeland: Carrie' Run)

"An American POW has been turned."

Working as a case officer for the CIA in Iraq, she met with Hasan Ibrahim, who claimed to have intel about an attack Abu Nazir is planning against the United States. Shortly before Hasan's execution, she sneaked into his prison where he said that "an American POW has been turned". Sneaking into a prison like this caused a diplomatic incident, which led to her boss, David Estes, placing her in the "penalty box" (behind a desk at Langley ). 

Ten months later, when an American POW named Sgt. Nick Brody is discovered alive after missing for eight years, Carrie suspects that he is the POW Hasan referred to. After Saul doesn't approve of placing surveillance on Brody, Carrie illegally starts surveilling him anyway with the help of Virgil Piotrowski. She got into Nick's CIA debriefing, where she attempted to link him to Abu Nazir, however he denied ever meeting the man. Saul discovered her illegal surveillance but gave tacit approval when she later discovered that Nick tapped his fingers in a repeated pattern in televised appearances; apparently a coded message.

About Her

Grew up… in a suburb of Washington D.C. Carrie, a Princeton graduate, has always been dedicated and intense. She received her real education working as a field agent in Iraq for the C.I.A.

Living… on a thin line between sanity and madness. The only two things thing keeping Carrie grounded are her job and the pills she takes to control her bipolar disorder. Her condition, unfortunately, is often incompatible with her job. As she goes deeper into her investigations, it becomes difficult to distinguish her imagination from reality.

Profession… Case Officer at the Central Intelligence Agency. Carrie was relocated back to the United States after causing an international incident in Iraq. Carrie’s dedication to her job and to her country sometimes causes her to go overboard. “I missed something once before,” she tells her boss, Saul, referring to 9/11. “I won’t, I can’t let that happen again.”

Relationship Status… single, but Carrie doesn’t have time for a relationship. The only place where she finds the opportunity for romance is the workplace, which has gotten her into trouble in the past. She seems resigned to a life married to the C.I.A. “I’m gonna be alone my whole life, aren’t I?” she asks.

Challenge… convincing her superiors at the Agency about a lead she obtained in Iraq. She insists to her boss that an American prisoner of war has been turned, and suspects Nick Brody. But Carrie’s bipolar disorder makes her prone to seeing conspiracy and pattern where there is none. Convinced that she is the only one who knows the truth, she embarks on her own mission to investigate this controversial lead.

Personality… driven and intense. Carrie is willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of her professional and patriotic mission. Some of her colleagues would describe her as a loose cannon. She’s one of the C.I.A.’s best agents, but she’s also created severe problems for the agency.

Personal Life and Relationships

Carrie has Bipolar Disorder and does not eat meat.

Spying was lonely. Carrie could only trust Saul because he was emotionally supportive. Nor with your CIA colleagues and your political supervisors in charge of the CIA. Only Berenson understood his loneliness.

Family reunions and vacations with his relatives became tense affairs.

At first, her occasional affairs provided enough social relief. Mathison's alienation only grew when he turned 32, after meeting Nicholas Brody. She was finally ready to share her life with someone, but she was living a double life working at the CIA so she didn't feel like she could live happily, she revealed to Saul. Everything would change when he fell in love with Brody, the true love of his life. Mathison was dismayed when Nick died.

Saul Berenson

Saul and Carrie’s relationship is the foundation of the show. Carrie hasn’t done so well in her relationships with men (except Brody, Quinn and Max), now Saul is this father figure/mentor to her. For him, she is a protégé. When Saul asks how she’s doing, he’s told she’s getting better and healing. He makes this choice to take her out. He takes her out because for him, it’s mission first.

She isn’t completely honest with him and she puts mission first, too. That whole moment is the irony that makes their relationship complicated and layered and they’re not completely honest with each other.

The insights into the Saul and Carrie relationship. Saul’s conversation with Ivan in “A False Glimmer”. The way Saul relates to Ivan about running an important asset like Allison has always made me feel like Saul was talking from experience, specifically in how he manages Carrie.

I truly believe that as he is trying to convince Ivan to give up Allison, Saul relates to him and leverages that insight and understanding to get the intel he wants from him. As Saul describes how he would know everything about Allison if she were his asset, it struck me: It’s because Saul already has an asset he handles. His prized asset, the one he is painting his own professional masterpiece with. It’s a cold realization, but with that scene I finally see the writing on the wall: Saul acts as Carrie’s handler and views her as his asset.

Framing their relationship in this context has been eye opening for me. Look back at “Species Jump,” for example. When Saul’s secretary brings him the message that Carrie is on the phone, he is annoyed and tells her to take a message. But when Saul sees Carrie outside, he is all warm and fuzzy with his “you ok?” Saul is constantly toggling between soothing Carrie, scolding her, and using her as his situation and needs demand it.

Nicholas Brody

Carrie became obsessed with Brody; convinced that he was the POW that Hasan Ibrahim said had been turned. She had his home under constant video and audio surveillance, watching him for weeks. When the surveillance was pulled she approached him and made personal contact. She eventually started a short lived affair with him. Brody found out that she had been investigating him and ended the love relationship, she was devastated and tried on several occasions to make up with him.

Carrie attempts to convince the current CIA director to give Brody a star on the CIA memorial wall, but she is unsuccessful. She instead draws a star for him herself out of respect for his unknown sacrifice for his daughter Dana Brody and her love for Carrie.

Franny Mathison

She then gives birth to Brody's daughter, whom she names Franny. After his death, Carrie gave birth to his daughter and left her with her sister Maggie to raise as she copes with his death and her ability to become a mother, while working overseas.

Peter Quinn

Carrie and Quinn finally shared their first kiss after her father's funeral. After moving to Berlin to work, Quinn was tasked with killing Carrie but failed to do so. He was later taken hostage by a group of jihadists who intended to release sarin gas in Berlin Hauptbahnhof and used him as their test subject. This led to him slipping into a coma but Carrie refused to allow him to be taken off life support.

He was taken back to Brooklyn and placed in a military hospital, now suffering from PTSD. After freaking out in front of the medical staff, Carrie took him home with her and gave him the room in her basement. She also asked Max to keep an eye on him while she worked but he suffered a seizure when out at the shops. He later tried to keep the authorities away from the house in order to protect Frannie, who was later placed in foster care by CPS. Following a tip-off about an imminent attack against President-elect Elizabeth Keane, he managed to save both her and Carrie, but died in a hail of bullets.

Jonas Hollander

In Season 5, Carrie fantasized about starting a family and abandoning her spying career. At first, Jonas enjoyed the challenge of trying to court the CIA's "Drone Queen". Jonas was attracted by Mathison's ambition, determination and cunning.

It took a long time for her to finally let him in, and when she did he realized that the warmth and kindness were not going to come out of a way to make up for who she was and for her inexplicable wariness of good people. Then Mathison started dating Jonas, an attorney at the During Foundation

Yevgeny Gromov

In Season 7, they came face to face when she tricked him by impersonating Simone Martin, allowing the real one to be safely put on a plane. She was imprisoned for seven months by the Russians and had her bipolar medication confiscated.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In the final season, it is heavily hinted that she and he had some sort of relationship, while she was in Russian custody and he obtained her medication, also revealing that during one of their many conversations that she attempted to drown her daughter as a baby.  

​​​​​​​When she found a note with the name of Samira Noori, he accosted her in a bar and revealed that he was the one who left it on her desk in the Kabul station. He also accompanied her on her bid to rescue Max when he is captured by the Taliban but he was eventually shot dead by Jalal Haqqani. Together, they searched for the black box from the helicopter crash in which President Warner and President Daoud lost their lives, but when she eventually obtained it and discovered that the accident was caused by a helicopter blade, he tricked her by sedating her and taking the black box. He brought her back to her room and laid her on her bed, kissing her on her cheek.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​They next came face to face when he requested that she find out the identity of Saul's asset in Russia. After she discovered Saul's method of communication with the asset via red leather-bound books, they had a meeting and he told her that she had to kill Saul.  However, as she prepared to kill him, she decided to spare his life, but told his sister Dorit that her brother had died from a stroke as means of getting her away from the house after she was given a USB key with a video of Saul revealing the name of the asset - Anna Pomerantseva​​​​​​​. She got Yevgeny to come to the house and told him to watch the video. He texted the name to his boss, who decided that Anna had to be stopped. After being warned by Saul that she was in danger, Scott Ryan helped her get to safety by barricading the both of them in a storeroom. However, she was reluctant to turn herself over to the Russians and committed suicide with hid gun. After Yevgeny got the news, he and Carrie decided to escape to Syria.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Two years later, Carrie and Yevgeny live together in Moscow and went out to a jazz concert to celebrate the publication of her new book "Tyranny of Secrets", which detailed why she had to betray the US. Saul receives a package containing an advance copy of a book Carrie has written denouncing the U.S. He finds a note in the binding – mirroring Anna's tradecraft – with a note from Moscow indicating how to defeat the Russians' missile defense system. He realizes it is from Carrie, who has become his new Russian asset. ​​


  • From the initial conception of the character, Gordon and Gansa targeted Claire Danes to play the lead role of Carrie Mathison.


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Background information and notes

  • The character was originally planned to be named Carrie Anderson.


"DAMMIT, SAUL!" - Carrie's signature, recurring line. See here .

"Foda-se" - Carrie Mathison. Veja aqui.


  • She is the only main character to appear in every episode of the series

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