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Edie/Eden - Quinn's landlady

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About her

Eden, Played by Emily Walker, is Peter Quinn's landlady with whom he has a brief sexual relationship prior to his return to Islamabad. Quinn is arrested when he attacks two men in a bar for insulting Eden. (Trylon and Perisphere)

Eden was smart, funny and compassionate.  She genuinely cared about Quinn.  I didn’t see anything offensive about her.


I saw from a pointernet that people were talking about Quinn’s landlady from season 4 played by Emily Walker.  I see some people didn’t like her - I really liked her story line and liked her character.

I realise a lot of people didn’t like her because she was fat and they felt that her scenes were trying to show the depths to which Quinn had sunk.

I watched and loved season 1 of My Mad Fat Diary and that show generated much of the same debate because the hot guy was with the fat chick and a lot of people just could not believe that Finn could ever care for someone like Rae .

Anyway, it’s an interesting debate…

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