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Chris Brody
Chris Brody profile.png
Status: Alive
Age: 11
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Father: Nick Brody (d. 2013)
Mother: Jessica Brody
Sibling(s): Dana Brody
Franny Mathison (Half-sister)
Played by: Jackson Pace
Season(s): 1, 2, 3
First episode: "Pilot"
Last episode: "The Star"

What's it like to kill someone? - Chris Brody question for your father

Chris Brody is the son of Nick and Jessica Brody, the younger brother of Dana and the older half-brother of Franny Mathison.



Chris Brody is the son of Nicholas Brody and Jessica Brody. He was too young to remember his father. He also had his difficulties when his father suddenly returned. Still, he is happy with his new father. In time, however, it is anything but easy for the boy to put up with his parents' problems.

Father's return

With his father missing for most of his life, Chris admits that he doesn't even remember him. (Pilot)

Behind the Scenes



“You are.”

“Absolutely. Fort’s still in tact.”

“Mom, how was your job interview?”

“I think it’s pretty cool.” - Episode 1: Tin Man Is Down


“Just leave her alone.”

“Well, don’t. You’re driving her crazy.”

“Maybe she’s not hungry.”

“Mum, really. Don’t.” - Episode 2: Uh… Oh… Ah…

*stands up* - Episode 5: The Yoga Play

“Dana Lazaro. Sounds pretty cool.” - Episode 6: Still Positive


Chris at home.

Chris Brody. Everyone’s favourite non-existent Homeland character.

Played by Jackson Pace, the son of is-he-isn’t-he soldier/terrorist Nicholas Brody’s path couldn’t be more different to that of his sister, Dana (Morgan Saylor). After trying to commit suicide, she went running off in Season 3 with an unstable teenage boy before stropping around the family home with angst on her face. Chris, meanwhile, did nothing. He could easily have not had a face at all. While Dana appeared in six of 12 episodes, Chris appeared in just four. And he didn’t even speak in all of them: in the screenwriting world, Chis Brody got top marks at The Milford Academy.

But if Saylor is one of the most interesting performers in the series, albeit the one given the worst story lines, Pace hasn’t let the team down: despite being the most underwritten character in modern TV history, he has been sure to make the role of Chris Brody his own. In one scene, he stood up. In another, he sat down. Sometimes, he disappeared for six episodes in a row. - Ivan Radford

Season 1
Pilot Grace Clean Skin Semper I Blind Spot
The Good Soldier The Weekend Achilles Heel "Crossfire" "Representative Brody"
The Vest Marine One
Season 2
The Smile "Beirut is Back" "State of Independence" New Car Smell Q&A
A Gettysburg Address The Clearing I'll Fly Away Two Hats "Broken Hearts"
In Memoriam "The Choice"
Season 3
Tin Man Is Down Uh... Oh... Ah... Tower of David Game On The Yoga Play
Still Positive Gerontion A Red Wheelbarrow One Last Thing Good Night
Big Man in Tehran The Star

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