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Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Profession: Prostitute
Others: Peter Quinn (friend; deceased)
Played by: Mickey O'Hagan
Season(s): 6
First episode: "Fair Game"
Last episode: "The Flag House"

Clarice is a prostitute that Quinn befriends while recovering from his stroke in New York.


She first meets Peter Quinn when he skips a physical therapy session and Carrie finds him at a flophouse having smoked crack and had sex with prostitutes. The latter agrees to let him stay with her and Frannie, albeit in the basement.

She is next seen when Quinn calls her after he becomes convinced that someone has invaded her apartment. She leads him to Tommy, the man who mugged him. Quinn assaults him, taking his gun and tells him it is payback for the money he stole from him.

She later takes Carrie to meet Quinn at his stakeout of the house used by Dar Adal's black ops team.

Behind the Scenes


Season 6
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