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Colonel Sergei Mirov
Colonel Sergei Mirov.jpg
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of Russia.png Russian
Profession: Member of the GRU
Played by: Merab Ninidze
Season(s): 7, 8
First episode: "Useful Idiot"
Last episode: "Prisoners of War"

Sergei Mirov is the head of the GRU and Yevgeny Gromov's superior.


He is present at a diplomatic meeting between U.S. and Russian officials, which unbeknownst to him is a ruse to lure Yevgeny away from Simone Martin so that she can be extracted.

Later, Mirov keeps custody of the flight recorder on President Warner's helicopter, sending Yevgeny to bargain for the identity of Saul's deeply-embedded asset in the Kremlin in exchange for the recorder. Mirov learns that his interpreter, Anna Pomerantseva, is in fact Saul's asset, and orders her eliminated. He then upholds Russia's end of the deal by announcing at a United Nations summit that the helicopter crash that killed Presidents Warner and Daoud was due to mechanical failure.

About him

After all, Saul’s mission goes awry very fast. The morning passes smoothly enough: He and Carrie, along with the Moscow CIA station chief, sit across from representatives of Russian intelligence, from both the SVR — Russia’s military intelligence, led here by General Yakushin — and the GRU, led by Mirov, Gromov’s handler. Saul pauses Mirov during his welcome speech to ask for Gromov to appear in the conference as well, and though Mirov tries to play dumb, he eventually relents. See, Mirov’s between a rock and a hard place: The Russians want to know why the Americans are really in town, and he won’t be able to get Saul to speak without Gromov.

But when Gromov arrives at the meeting, Carrie barely gets a chance to chide Gromov for messing around with her country and using her to do it before a message gets related to Mirov, who abruptly ends the meeting.

Simone says Gromov would never give her up, but Carrie just scoffs at Simone’s naiveté. The two may be in love, but there’s no way Simone is safer with the Russians: Carrie points out that right now, while Simone’s hiding, Mirov and Gromov are probably having the conversation about why they’re not just taking her out of the equation. Gromov is probably defending her loyalty, but in the “big picture,” Carrie says, Simone is expendable to her country. She’s too much of a liability.

The real Simone, in a blond wig to play Carrie, has been taken to the embassy, where Saul and his team are waiting to extract her from the country. On their way out, Mirov stops their car, suspicious of how quickly Saul wants to get out of the embassy when before he’d been stalling, but luckily Yevgeny calls just in time to report that they’ve found the grey Mercedes in question and are about to detain Simone.

Duped, Mirov leaves Saul be, and the Americans make their way to their jet.

Behind the Scenes


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