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Danesh Akbari
Danesh Akbari.jpg
Status: Deceased
Nationality: Flag of Iran.png Iranian
Profession: Intelligence Chief of Iran
Played by: Houshang Touzie
Season(s): 3
First episode: "Big Man in Tehran"
Last episode: "The Star"

“How he would send you to America, a sword to strike at the heart of our enemy!” - Danesh revealed how him and Abu Nazir had manipulated Brody for 8 years into being a traitor, a terrorist and a suicide bomber.

General Danesh Akbari is the Intelligence Chief of Iran who Brody is sent to Tehran to kill.


When the two meet in private, Akbari informs Brody that he and Abu Nazir discussed the latter's plans to turn Nicholas Brody, the Marine One, against his own country during the early days of Brody's capture. Brody reveals to Akbari that he was sent by the CIA to kill Akbari and replace him with Javadi; a stunned Akbari thanks Brody for telling him the truth, only for Brody to then bludgeon him with an ashtray and smother him to death with a pillow. (Big Man in Tehran)

Soon after, Brody is sentenced to death and hanged for his murder of Akbari, while Javadi inherits leadership of the IRGC.


Nassrin told me you were upset.

- That you wanted to talk to me.

- Yes, sir.

You know, it was here in this office that I first heard your name.

Abu Nazir told me about you, what a jewel he had found.

What a sword for Allah.

Why would anyone want to kill such a treasure? To stop me telling you about Javadi.

What about Javadi? - He wants your job.

- You think I don't know that? The CIA has planned it for him.

The CIA? Even Javadi wouldn't work with the CIA.

Well, he is.

They found out he embezzled millions from the IRGC.

They own him.

You were on the run.

How could you know what the Americans are doing? Because I was part of it.

I was to come here to Tehran to get close to you.

- And when you got close? - They wanted me to take you out.

So they could replace you with Javadi.

Those were my orders.

But you don't want to obey those orders? That's why you came to me.

I came here to redeem myself.

And you have.

You have.

Thank you, Nicholas.

I will deal with Javadi.

You spoke with Abu Nazir about me? In this room? Yes.

How he would send you against America.

A sword to strike the heart of our enemy.


It all started here.

Carrie: Yes?

Brody: It's me. I'm in Akbari's office.

Carrie: What have you done?

Brody: I killed him. Get me out of here.


Carrie said that Danesh was someone very bad because he had sent children to clear minefields. (The Star)


Season 3
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