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Dante Allen
Dante Allen.jpg
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Suffocated with a pillow by Yevgeny Gromov
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Affiliation: GRU undercover asset
Profession: Federal Bureau of Investigation agent
Marital status: Divorced
Significant other(s): Audrey Navarro (ex-wife)
Carrie Mathison (ex-ally)
Simone Martin (associate)
Yevgeny Gromov (associate)
Played by: Morgan Spector
Season(s): 7
First episode: "Enemy of the State"
Last episode: "Useful Idiot"

"The problem isn’t that you don’t love your country. It’s that your country doesn’t love you back." - MATHISON, Carrie.

Dante Allen was an old friend of Carrie’s who was looking into the hundreds of people President Keane has detained. He was working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and was later discovered to be GRU asset working with Yevgeny Gromov.


Dante Allen is an FBI agent formerly stationed in the CIA's Kabul outpost during Carrie's tenure as station chief.

In the early days of Elizabeth Keane's presidential administration, Dante is part of the team investigating the 200 federal employees Keane arrests as backlash for an assassination attempt months prior. Carrie, believing them to be innocent, enlists Dante's help in securing their release by receiving insider information on misconduct within the White House. Carrie and Dante begin investigating David Wellington, the president's chief of staff, for possible links to the assassination of Jamie McClendon, the corrupt U.S. Army General who spearheaded the plot to eliminate Keane. However, Carrie finds evidence of Wellington's innocence; Saul helps her realize that Dante is likely setting her up to sabotage Wellington on behalf of Russia.

Carrie begins investigating Dante and learns from his ex-wife that he harbored resentment for Carrie in Kabul after her botched drone strike, which resulted in her promotion and his career decline. Carrie surmises that the Russians exploited this vulnerability to recruit Dante to their mission. Dante offers Carrie his apartment as a temporary home for her and her daughter, Frannie. While there, Carrie and Dante confront each other over their mutual suspicion of one another, but it leads to the two of them having sex. However, Saul's team bursts in and captures Dante.

During his interrogation, Dante refuses to cooperate with the CIA. Carrie and Saul send in a decoy lawyer to poison him in a manner similar to McClendon; believing the Russians are responsible, Dante admits that Wellington's girlfriend Simone Martin is a Russian asset involved in the plot to kill McClendon. Dante is rushed to the hospital after entering cardiac arrest; when he recovers, he discloses to Carrie the secret Twitter code used by the Russians to dissolve their online network. Dante is eventually found in the hospital by his Russian handler, GRU lieutenant colonel Yevgeny Gromov, who denies Russia's role in Dante's poisoning and suggests that the CIA was responsible. Yevgeny has Dante call Carrie to confirm his suspicions, but Dante warns Carrie that Yevgeny is in the room with him. Yevgeny smothers Dante to death using his hospital pillow, with Carrie arriving at the hospital too late to save him.

About Him

When Carrie learns that Chief of Staff David Wellington has been in an on/off relationship with NGO worker Simone Martin, who lives close to the prison where Jamie McClendon died, she is warned by Dante about digging in too deep.

He also helps her control her meds but she later discovers that Dante may have partially been behind McClendon's suspicious murder and hatches a plan to trick him by spiking his drink and then seducing him so that he passed out, enabling her to search his apartment for information. Dante later wakes up but passes out again. (Species Jump)

After Carrie had an argument with her sister, she took Franny and the two ended up in Dante's apartment. He passes by her sister's house, making the excuse that he's there to buy clothes and Franny's favorite rabbit, and rummages through Carrie's papers in her room because he thinks Carrie is hiding something. After a meeting with his ex-wife, who revealed it during his time in the fourth season service in Kabul, he was punished and disgusted by the difference in treatment he was having in an affair with a CIA station chief. He and Carrie argue until they start having sex when they are interrupted by Saul and the other agents, who take Dante away. (Andante)

He is interrogated by Carrie but demands to have his lawyer present. The lawyer arrives and has him sign some papers that could secure his release. However, after the lawyer leaves, Dante notices some black ink on his arm then starts experiencing chest pains until he collapses. Carrie calls for the paramedics who tell her that his heart has stopped so he is transferred to hospital in critical condition. When he comes to, he is confronted by Yevgeny Gromov, who is angered that Dante sold the Russians out to the Americans. Yevgeny gets him to phone Carrie to prove that she has been lying to him but he tells her that Yevgeny is there, so the latter suffocates him, killing him.


Dante is an FBI agent who spent several years on counterterrorism abroad. His last post was in Kabul. (Season 4)


Dante: It would be the end of my career.

Carrie: You don't have a career.

Dante: How is it?

Carrie: Sorry, there isn't.


Carrie: It's been four years since Kabul. Civilians died. The ambassador was called. The stain will never leave you.

Dante: You don't know.

Carrie: Was promoted afterwards? Or did you have a commendation?


"What I need to do is nail that fucker"- This is from S07.E06, and Carrie is talking about Dante.


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