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El Niño
El Nino.png
Status: Alive
Birthplace: Brazil
Nationality: Flag of Venezuela.png Venezuelan
Children: Esme (daughter)
Played by: Manny Pérez
Season(s): 3
Episodes: 2 appearances
First episode: "Tower of David"
Last episode: "A Red Wheelbarrow"

Played by Manny Pérez, El Niño is a mercenary who keeps Nick Brody captive in Caracas. He also knows Carrie Mathison.


El Niño is the leader of a band of Venezuelan mercenaries who capture Brody after he is shot by Colombians crossing the border. El Niño and his men take him to the Tower of David, an aborted housing project in Caracas, where Brody is nursed back to health and given heroin to make him dependent on El Niño's men, forcing him to stay with them. He has a daughter named Esme who accompanies Brody on an attempt to escape the tower.


He painfully eases himself off the bed and looks out over the city, just as El Nino returns and explains what’s going on. “There’s a bounty on your head,” he tells Brody. “You’re never safe, not even with me.”

Brody, dubious, looks back and asks him why he would bother to help an American fugitive. “You know Carrie Mathison,” El Nino responds. “So do I.”

Either way, Brody is at the same time healing and losing himself, anxious to take the next step but without any idea where. Brody becomes much stronger and after witnessing El Nino kill a man who stole Brody’s wallet and passport to protect Brody’s identity, he realizes the trouble he’s in. Though El Nino fully understands what has to be done to protect Brody, Brody himself doesn’t want blood on his hands.

So he insists on leaving, finally seeing the Tower of David as a prison instead of protection. Hurriedly walking out of the compound, he runs into El Nino and his army, telling them he’s heading “out.”

“Out where?” El Nino asks. “To the next place,” Brody answers. But, as Brody slowly realizes, there is no “next place,” a new destination after escaping the U.S. into Montreal and somehow into Colombia and finally into Venezuela. There’s nowhere for him to go and, as El Nino says, Carrie “doesn’t want to know” where Brody is because Caracas is the “end of the line.”

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Season 3
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