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Eric Baraz
Eric Baraz.png
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Profession: Member of the U.S. Army Special Forces
Played by: Jaylen Moore
Season(s): 3, 8
First episode: "One Last Thing"
Last episode: "Catch and Release"

Eric Baraz is a member of the United States Army Special Forces unit.


He is among a team of special op soldiers who are assigned to train and assist Brody in his mission to Iran.

They later bring him to the Kurdish Regional Government region of Iraq, near the Iran-Iraq border and when they are approached by Kurdish police officers they open fire when their cover story is not believed.

In "Catch and Release", Baraz participates as one of Saul's bodyguards.


Season 3
"Tin Man Is Down" "Uh... Oh... Ah..." "Tower of David" "Game On" "The Yoga Play"
"Still Positive" "Gerontion" "A Red Wheelbarrow" One Last Thing Good Night
"Big Man in Tehran" "The Star"
Season 8
"Deception Indicated" Catch and Release "False Friends" "Chalk One Up" "Chalk Two Down"
"Two Minutes" "F**ker Shot Me" "Threnody(s)" "In Full Flight" "Designated Driver"
"The English Teacher" "Prisoners of War"