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Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of Venezuela.png Venezuelan
Father: El Niño
Played by: Martina García
Season(s): 3
Episodes: 1 appearance
Appears in: "Tower of David"

Esme is the daughter of El Niño.


Esme accompanies Brody in an attempt to escape the tower.

By the time Brody wakes, he can barely move. El Nino’s daughter Esme forces him to lie down and urges him to accept a dose of the drugs on the counter, but Brody, echoing Carrie, tells her “No more, I can’t think.” He painfully eases himself off the bed and looks out over the city.

Behind the Scenes


Season 3
"Tin Man Is Down" "Uh... Oh... Ah..." Tower of David "Game On" "The Yoga Play"
"Still Positive" "Gerontion" "A Red Wheelbarrow" "One Last Thing" "Good Night"
"Big Man in Tehran" "The Star"