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Finn Walden
Finn Walden.jpg
Status: Deceased
Age: 17 (at death)
Date of death: December 12, 2012
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Father: William Walden (d. 2012)
Mother: Cynthia Walden (d. 2012)
Marital status: Single
Significant other(s): Dana Brody (ex-girlfriend)
Played by: Timothée Chalamet
Cal Johnson (stunts)
Season(s): 2
First episode: "The Smile"
Last episode: "The Choice"

Finn's line to Dana: "I want to be your boyfriend"!

Finn Walden was the wealthy, spoiled son of Vice President William Walden.


Finn Walden is the son of Vice President William Walden and his wife Cynthia. When Nicholas Brody embarks on his political career, his children Dana and Chris go to the same school as Finn. Since he is the same age as Dana and the two are in the same class, everyone expects them to become friends. Dana doesn't understand the arrogance of most of the students there, and she thinks Finn is self-absorbed, too. After overcoming a few hurdles, they eventually become friends. Finn shows Dana the benefits of being a politician's child, even if it can sometimes feel like a golden cage.

Finn's sympathy for Dana's difficult situation creates feelings between the two, even though Dana still has a boyfriend. The two spend an evening at the Lincoln Memorial and Finn shows Dana the view of Washington at night. After that, the two try to outrun the Secret Service, who always accompanies the boy, with Finn's car. The high-speed jaunt through Washington's streets ends abruptly when they run over a woman on a sidewalk. Dana panics and Finn hit and run, which she cannot forgive.

Finn is used to having problems fixed for him. He knows that his father cannot afford the scandal that could result from the hit-and-run campaign during the election campaign. When the Waldens learn that their son ran over a woman who eventually died from her injuries, they bribe the family with a large sum of money to keep them from going public. For Finn, the incident has no further consequences, except that he blames himself more and more over time and suffers from it.

A few weeks later, his father dies of a heart attack. Finn and the rest of his family are killed in a bomb attack at CIA headquarters where Walden's memorial service was held.

His death takes a heavy toll on Dana.


What was the larger purpose of the Dana/Finn hit-and-run arc, since it never dovetailed with the main story? Gordon admitted to TVLine, “There was a deeper plan for [that storyline] that sort of morphed halfway through the season.” But as actually told, “It was about Dana’s degradation of her connection with Brody, the emotional separation between them.” - By Matt Webb Mitovich

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