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Game On
Season 3 Episode 4
Season 3, Episode 4
Written by: James Yoshimura & Alex Gansa
Directed by: David Nutter
Production number: 3WAH04
Running time: 49 minutes
Original airdate: October 20, 2013
Viewers (millions): 1.77

Game On is the fourth episode of Season 3 of Homeland. It aired on October 20, 2013.


Carrie Mathison has to realize that despite everything, the CIA has still not lost any of its influence, while Dana Brody takes the car of her mother Jessica and runs away with Leo Carras. Meanwhile, Saul Berenson and Fara Sherazi find out who might have ordered and paid for the attack on the CIA building.

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Saul learns from Fara that she was able to trace the missing five percent of the money and now knows that it went to Venezuela, where the money was laundered through a football stadium. Fara also found out that a man named Jester Hajazi must own the club, but he has actually been dead for a long time. Saul and Fara then begin to spin theories, which leads to the two bringing up Javadi as a suspect.

During the night, Carrie witnesses a patient being forcibly immobilized by the doctors and can hardly wait for the upcoming hearing regarding her discharge. Contrary to expectations, neither her father nor her sister show up, so Carrie is on her own. Nevertheless, the hearing is initially positive. As Carrie waits for the judge's decision, she sees Dar Adal leaving the facility and a short time later has to hear that a court is banning her release because she is considered a threat to national security.

Carrie finally calls her father briefly to ask him why he didn't show up to her hearing and learns that he was told the hearing was canceled. Carrie then asks her father to tell Saul that she is giving up and he has won. Then she is taken back to her room.

Leo takes advantage of an oblivious moment in the cafeteria and flees the institution. Dana is already waiting outside in her mother's stolen car and the two drive away. They end up swapping their mother's car for another one so that they can't be found so easily by the police. Jessica desperately tries to reach her daughter and is then asked to meet Leo's parents, to which she accompanies Mike. There she has to hear that they think Dana is responsible for the incident and that she is a bad influence on Leo. Jessica becomes angry and makes it clear to the Carras' that Dana cannot be held responsible for what her father did.

Carrie finally finds out that she will be fired after all. A Maryland court has ordered her immediate release. She immediately goes home, where Mr. Franklin is waiting for her. He shows himself responsible for the dismissal and in return demands a personal meeting with a partner in his company. This should take place the next morning.

After Franklin disappears, Carrie packs some things and leaves her apartment, only to find that her car is missing. Meanwhile, Saul tries to figure out how Carrie managed to get fired and has Dar Adal tell him that Carrie is a threat to the CIA. Saul then orders him to capture Carrie.

Meanwhile, Carrie discovers that her accounts have been frozen and her credit cards have been blocked. In desperation, she calls Virgil and asks him for help. He hesitates at first, but then agrees to let Carrie borrow his van. As he says goodbye, he secretly lets Carrie know that the CIA is with him and can warn Carrie not to approach his house.

Leo and Dana visit the grave of Leo's brother Philip. He tells her that he feels responsible for his brother's death because he couldn't help him. Meanwhile, Mike tries to comfort Jessica and make her understand that she's not to blame for Dana acting the way she does. She and Leo have now gone to her father's old base. She tells him that this was the last place her father told her the truth, right before he went to Iraq.

Carrie finds shelter for the night with a man with whom she once had a one-night stand. Mathison has another one-night stand with him. The next morning, she steals some money from him and leaves his apartment, only to find that Franklin has discovered that she didn't spend the night at home. She then lets herself be taken to his partner.

Meanwhile, Saul and Fara find evidence that actually puts Javadi in the conversation as the main suspect. Fara wants to start an investigation against him immediately, but Saul asks her to be patient. Rather, he wants to arrest him and question him in order to find out whether he has other agents in the USA and how far Iran actually is from possessing a nuclear weapon.

Meanwhile, Carrie meets Franklin's client, Leland Bennett. He is interested in their knowledge in order to find out how the six business partners in Iran were identified and became the target of an attack. Carrie immediately refuses to help Iran in any way. However, Bennett makes it clear to her that if she refuses to work with him and his client, she will end up back in the psychiatric ward. The CIA continues to see them as a threat and will not rest until they have broken and destroyed them, which will eventually result in their deaths. Carrie ultimately sees no other option than to accept the deal. She wants to get to know Bennett's client, but insists on meeting face to face.

Franklin finally brings Carrie back to town and gives her an envelope with money. He then tells her that her passport is no longer valid and that she'd better make her way to Atlantic City.

Meanwhile, Mike finds out that Leo was in the psych ward because his parents made a deal with the prosecutor to keep their son from going to trial for murder. Apparently he killed his brother. Meanwhile, Dana and Leo spent the night in their new car. Both agree that at the moment they feel happier than they have in a long time and under no circumstances do they want to go back to their old lives.

In the evening, Saul receives a visit from Carrie. Distressed, she tells him that her plan is working and that she has met Leland Bennett, who wants to put her in touch with one of his clients. Both believe that it must be Javadi. Carrie then tells Saul that she will meet with Bennett's clients soon and they will know if they were right. Saul replies that he is proud of Carrie and then gives her a hug. Carrie begins to cry and replies that it's all too much for her, but Saul comforts her that it will all be over soon.


Carrie also doesn’t mind fully robbing him, come morning, but for some reason I found that rather comforting. Guess what bro, don’t bring home chicks from the liquor store, and maybe they won’t go through your wallet while you’re asleep, you know? Carrie needs some money to get some things done. [x]


  • 'It worked, Saul' - Carrie
  • "Say hi to your mom" - Virgil
  • "The agency's still weak, Saul. It could die of a common cold. And she's a full-blown contagion" – Dar Adal


  • Carrie and Saul had a really fucking brilliant long con wherein Carrie’s behavior so far throughout the season was made to have her seem on edge and out of control and generally like a threat to the agency, including her behavior leading up to her committal and after it
  • Carrie and Saul did this so that she would be attractive to a foreign government as an asset – and then the law firm, which represents Javadi (the person who funded and orchestrated the attack), approaches Carrie
  • Carrie is now essentially a double agent – she will be able to get to Javadi – that’s why she requested a face-to-face meeting
  • There is a tricky line between what Carrie probably agreed to (“Okay, I’ll go to the hospital and make everyone think I’m crazy so they’ll think I’m the perfect candidate to be an asset for them”) and what probably went down, which is that her isolation and emotional/psychological pain was real and worse than she ever would have imagined.
  • That’s why she tells Saul he shouldn’t have kept her in there that long. That’s why he tells her she is so brave.
  • Leland Bennett is played by Martin Donovan, who I recognised as Peter in Weeds.
  • Dana says the last true thing Brody said to her was goodbye is so cringe.
  • Bennett tells Carrie that it was an Iranian action carried out in retaliation for Israeli airstrikes against Iran's nuclear (or, as he pronounced it, nuke-ular) facilities.


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