Hasan Ibrahim
Hasan Ibrahim
Status: Deceased
Date of death: 2011
Profession: Bomb maker
Played by: Yusuf Swade
Season(s): 1
First episode: "Pilot"

Hasan Ibrahim (d. 2011) was Abu Nazir's bomb maker who was imprisoned in Baghdad after a terror attack in Iraq.


Hasan was believed to be the bomb maker for Abu Nazir's terrorist organization.

Hasan had been held by the Iraqi authorities without trial for more than a year for his role in a terrorist attack that killed 129 civilians in a Ramadi marketplace, when during one 24 hour period he was both tried and sentenced to death. Carrie Mathison met with him because for the past three months he had been claiming that he had information about an imminent attack on the United States planned by Abu Nazir. He offered to give the Americans this information if they would have his sentence commuted.

After David Estes told her that the CIA would not intervene and that even an appeal from JSOC would not be effective, Carrie makes Hasan an offer. Hasan's family is in hiding and afraid for their lives. If he gives her his information, then Carrie will transport them to Amman Jordan and personally guarantee their safety. Before he is taken away to be executed, Hasan whispers into her ear, "An American prisoner of war has been turned."

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Season 1
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