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In Full Flight
Homeland - 8.09 - In Full Flight.jpeg
Season 8, Episode 9
Written by: Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon
Directed by: Dan Attias
Production number: 8WAH09
Running time: 49 minutes
Original airdate: April 5, 2020
Viewers (millions): 0.81

In Full Flight is the ninth episode of the final season of Homeland. It aired on April 5, 2020.


Hayes has ideas. Carrie goes shopping. Tasneem has problems.

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Main Cast

Guest Cast


  • Kemaal Deen-Ellis as Urchin
  • Jennifer Armour as Pentagon Spokesperson
  • Mohamed Attougui as Saad
  • Benjamin Hicquel as Victor
  • Alex Brock as Special Ops Parker
  • Mariam Haque as Pakistani News Anchor


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