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Jalal Haqqani
Jalal Haqqani.jpg
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of Afghanistan.png Afghan
Profession: Taliban leader
Father: Haissam Haqqani (deceased)
Others: Aayan Ibrahim (cousin, deceased)
Played by: Elham Ehsas
Season(s): 8
First episode: "False Friends"
Last episode: "Designated Driver"

Jalal Haqqani (Persian: جلال حقانی) is the last living son of Haissam Haqqani. After the latter's death, he succeeds him as leader of the Taliban.


Surrounded by war during his upbringing, Jalal is a firm believer in the Taliban's cause, and staunchly opposes his father's plans to broker peace with the U.S. After his father exiles him for conspiring with the ISI, Jalal is found and nursed back to health by ISI director-general Tasneem Qureshi.

When the elder Haqqani is wrongly sentenced to death for causing the helicopter crash that killed Presidents Warner and Daoud, Jalal takes Max Piotrowski as a hostage to negotiate his father's release. When his father is executed, Haqqani kills Max and takes control of the Taliban himself, falsely claiming credit for bringing down the helicopters and using his inflated credibility to significantly bolster the ranks of the Taliban.

Tasneem attempts to persuade Jalal to go into hiding, but reverses course and decides to protect him after witnessing how large the Taliban has grown under his leadership. Jalal frequently clashes with Balach, one of his father's trusted lieutenants who advised him regarding peace in the region. He eventually punishes Balach by forcing him to carry out a suicide bombing at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border where a number of CIA operatives are being released from custody.

Saul is taken prisoner by Haqqani's henchmen who survived the ISI attack on their convoy and Haqqani is suspicious that Saul tipped the Pakistani government off to their meeting. As Saul sits on the grimy floor of Haqqani’s home jail cell, Haqqani becomes unsettled as he starts to consider his suggestion that someone inside his own cell tipped off the ISI about the meeting.

Saul’s pep talk seems to have worked, because Jalal is dragged out of bed by a gang of henchmen, tied to a pole, and made to confess at gunpoint.

Jalal meets with Tasneem about how to move forward now that his dad is “dead.”  The latter summons Jalal to the hideout in Peshawar and things already don’t look good for Haqqani. He immediately lies straight to his father’s face about his involvement in this little plot but his father does not accept his son's lies. Haqqani hatches an entrapment scheme for Jalal: One of his minders goes to Jalal and tips him off that Saul Berenson is in the building, poisoning his father’s mind and convincing him to poke around about Jalal’s whereabouts of late. Jalal calls Tasneem, unaware that his father is listening in.

Tasneem gives Jalal a full-on dressing down, reminding him that just a few weeks ago she was picking him up from a roadside ditch after he was kicked out of his father's house. She offers him the chance to go underground in exchange for the ISI sparing his life but Jalal turns her down because he's an egomaniac on a power trip - one who happens to have rallied a terrifying amount of troops for his cause.


His character is based on Jalaluddin Haqqani. A warlord and head of the Taliban in North Waziristan, Jalaluddin Haqqani is believed to be the architect of the Taliban's current attacks on U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan and he's credited with introducing a new tactic -- suicide bombing.

Haqqani has had a long history with Saudi, American and Pakistani intelligence agencies. During the Afghan jihad against the Soviets, he was one of the favored commanders and received millions of dollars from the West and Saudis, as well as Stinger missiles, rocket-propelled grenades, mortars, explosives and tanks. He became close to Osama bin Laden during the jihad and after the Taliban took control, he served as minister of tribal affairs in its government. He has worked with Pakistani intelligence for more than 20 years; the U.S. has repeatedly asked Pakistan to capture or kill him.


The actor Elham Ehsas talks Jalal Haqqani -Nir Regev

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