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Jamie McClendon
Jamie McClendon.jpg
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Killed by a mysterious source during a strip search
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Affiliation: Department of Defense
Profession: General
Played by: Robert Knepper
Season(s): 6, 7
First episode: "Fair Game"
Last episode: "Enemy of the State"

General Jamie McClendon was a Department of Defense representative.


Season 6

He played a role in Dar’s little task force with Senator Elian Coto to take down Keane.

McClendon is in New York with a team of reinforcements to provide Keane with an additional layer of security.

He is seen at White House, working with Agent Thoms to secure the area around the hotel. Thoms had no idea about McClendon’s true motives, but McClendon managed to get the Secret Service to prepare for a potential threat — without anyone knowing that the threat was whatever he was planning himself.

Dar knew of the plot and as Carrie and Quinn arrive. Quinn headed over to check out the team that supposedly arrived to offer more protection to the president-elect and saw McClendon answer Dar’s call. McClendon argued with Dar about the merits of using Quinn as a scapegoat for what was to come.

McClendon denied doing anything at all and pointed out that he would never trust Coto with proper intel, leaving Dar doubtful about what he knew.

Quinn headed quickly toward the wreckage and then watched as two men head inside the garage. They were following McClendon’s orders to make sure Keane was hit — they thought the second car had her, as Rob had been inside — and before they reached the car that had actually contained Keane, Thoms helped Carrie and Keane back inside the hotel while Quinn followed the men — McClendon saw this in a printout from their feed — while inside the lobby, Thoms stayed behind to stall their pursuers. Keane and Carrie raced ahead, only to hear the gunshot that killed Thoms. The two men continued their chase, but Carrie was just fast enough to get herself and Keane out of harm’s way.

Their instructions weren’t to take out the incoming president, but to, as McClendon put it, take out the man who tried to kill the president-elect. However, Quinn managed to get both Carrie and Keane away safely , but was killed in a hail of bullets and crashed the car as a result.

Season 7

He was put on trial for his part in the assassination attempt on Elizabeth Keane but instead of receiving the death penalty as she wished he was sentenced to life imprisonment.  He was frisk searched by the guards and after they left and he was getting dressed he collapsed in pain. At the same time, a guard was watching him on a security camera while disposing of tainted gloves used during the search. (Enemy of the State)


“We’re winning,” Dar says, incredulous at McClendon’s plan to hit Keane even more. “Keane’s on the ropes. What the f— do you think you’re doing?”


The producers did not reveal it explicitly, but it was implied that it was Simone who paid the dollar amount and this was Yevgeny’s operation.

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