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Jenna Bragg
Jenna Bragg.jpg
Status: Alive
Birthplace: United States
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Profession: CIA Agent
Played by: Andrea Deck
Season(s): 8
First episode: "Deception Indicated"
Last episode: "The English Teacher"

“I’ve tried to see it like you but I just can’t,” she tells Carrie in her final scene.

Jenna Bragg is a young, novice CIA agent stationed in Kabul. Station chief Mike Dunne has her shadow Carrie, who he suspects of being a Russian asset. Jenna forms a bond with Carrie during her tenure in Kabul despite her suspicions about Carrie's allegiance.


While searching for the flight recorder from President Warner's helicopter, Carrie has Jenna disclose the location of a safehouse used by CIA operatives hunting Carrie and Yevgeny Gromov, lying to Jenna that she plans to turn herself in. She instead has Yevgeny arrange the operatives' arrest. Jenna, feeling betrayed, nonetheless implores Carrie not to disclose her aiding and abetting of Carrie's evasion of the CIA.

When the American and Pakistani governments negotiate the operatives' release, Jenna travels to the Pakistan border to greet the soldiers. However, Jalal Haqqani sends one of his lieutenants to carry out a suicide bombing at the border, killing all the prisoners and injuring Jenna.

Jenna returns to the U.S. to testify against Carrie in an FBI investigation, but relents and instead agrees to help Carrie track down Saul's Russian asset (whose identity the Russians are willing to trade for the flight recorder). After procuring a crucial lead for Carrie, Jenna decides to quit the CIA, disillusioned with the job for what it demands of her.

After turning over confidential information to Carrie and witnessing the deaths of special ops forces by a suicide bomber, Carrie’s CIA handler decides this life isn’t for her. The moral trade-offs aren’t worth it. “I’ve tried to see it like you but I just can’t,” she tells Carrie in her final scene.


Mind if I join? Not at all.

You ever sleep? Is it that obvious? You're never in your room.

I'm right next door.

Walls are like paper.

So, uh, what happens tomorrow? Your guess is as good as mine.

Let's say Yevgeny asks to defect.

What's the procedure? That he won't do.

Why not? I thought you said I said he was a candidate for recruitment, not defection.

The last thing a field guy like Yevgeny wants is a new identity and a condo in Scottsdale.

You know him better than anybody, I guess.

Is that what Mike told you? No, I just assumed.

Don't assume.

What has he told you? Not much.

Come on.

Your long stay in Russia raised some flags.

Are you spying on me, Jenna? Mike send you up here to take my temperature? No.

I've met Yevgeny Gromov exactly five times in my life.

Two of those times have happened right here in Kabul over the past few days.

For all I know he's staging this whole event just to throw more shade on me and do what he does best spread rumor and innuendo, divide us against ourselves.

Why even agree to meet with him, then? 'Cause I could be wrong.

He could just as easily be the genuine article.

How you gonna know which it is? That's the thing you never really do.

Not a 100%, anyway.

- Episode False Friends

Season 8
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