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Lucas Walker
Lucas Walker.png
Status: Alive
Age: 12
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Father: Thomas Walker (d. 2011)
Mother: Helen Walker
Others: Matt (stepfather)
Played by: Jaden Harmon
Season(s): 1
First episode: "The Good Soldier"
Last episode: "Achilles Heel"

Lucas Walker is the son of the late Thomas and his widow Helen Walker.


Lucas first appears at his father's funeral with his mother and stepfather Matt saying good-bye, unaware that he's been seeing his dad around.

Later, Lucas was later seen at the CIA Headquarters with his mother, being asked by David Estes to identify his father as the man he saw near his school playground.  

Behind the Scenes


Season 1
"Pilot" "Grace" "Clean Skin" "Semper I" "Blind Spot"
The Good Soldier "The Weekend" Achilles Heel "Crossfire" "Representative Brody"
"The Vest" "Marine One"