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Majid Javadi
Majid Javadi.jpg
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of Iran.png Iranian
Affiliation: Iranian IRGC's Intelligence Service
Profession: Iranian Chief of Intelligence
Significant other(s): Fariba Javadi (ex-wife)
Other family: Susan Roberts (daughter-in-law)
Played by: Shaun Toub
Season(s): 3, 6
Episodes: 7 appearances
First episode: "The Yoga Play"
Last episode: "Sock Puppets"

I think you of all people would understand that no one’s just one thing. - Javadi for Mathison

Major General Majid Javadi,"The Magician", is the chief of the Iranian IRGC's intelligence service, and a recruited CIA asset.


Early life

As a young SAVAK officer in the 70s, he was friends with Saul Berenson, who was helping to train SAVAK. When the Iranian Revolution happened, Javadi went over to the Revolutionary Guard, betraying Saul in the process.

Later life

He is the Deputy Intelligence Chief of Iran, who engineered the bombing on the CIA (for which Nicholas Brody was publicly framed). Javadi had worked with Saul in the past but betrayed him when he killed several American hostages who Saul was attempting to extradite from Iran. In retaliation, Saul helped Javadi's wife and son escape to the United States. After the bombing, he attempts to turn Carrie against the CIA, but the plan fails and he is blackmailed into becoming a CIA asset when Carrie and Saul find that he had embezzled millions from his own nation to fund the attack. On his way to meet with Saul, Javadi takes a detour to the new residence of his ex-wife and daughter-in-law, and brutally murders them both before surrendering himself to Carrie and Quinn (who are too late to arrive). Saul has Javadi return to Iran as the CIA's asset; Javadi complies, given that his only alternative is to return to his country as an enemy of the state. Saul engineers a special operation to have Brody assassinate Danesh Akbari, Javadi's superior, allowing Javadi to become the IRGC's Intelligence Chief and help advance American interests in the Middle East.

Years later, Saul covertly meets with Javadi in the West Bank amid rumors in Washington that Iran is running a parallel nuclear program, thereby violating the terms of their agreement with the IAEA. Javadi denies it, and later comes to the U.S. himself, seeking political asylum after his dealings with the Americans are leaked to the Iranian government. Saul promises Javadi protection if he confirms with President-elect Keane that Iran is not contravening the nuclear treaty. Javadi agrees, but reverses course at the meeting with Keane, stating that Iran is indeed running an underground nuclear program. He explains to Saul that he made a deal with Dar Adal for his own protection, but Dar ultimately betrays Javadi to Mossad, who capture him. Carrie later finds Javadi's phone at the scene of his extraction, which contains footage from an interrogation of an Iranian Mossad asset who confirms that Iran is not violating the treaty.

Season 3

The CIA identified then-Deputy Intelligence Chief, Colonel Javadi, as the mastermind behind the Langley bombing and targeted him directly. Lured into the US with the prospect of recruiting wayward CIA agent Carrie Mathison, Javadi was blackmailed by Saul and Carrie with proof of his embezzling 45 million US$ from his government, successfully recruiting him as a CIA asset.

Javadi was part of the CIA plot to assassinate and replace General Danesh Akbari, the IRGC intelligence chief. After Akbari's death, in order to prove himself worthy of being promoted to chief of intelligence, Javadi learned Brody's location from the CIA, and had him arrested.

In his new position, Javadi was able to influence Iranian policy and improve US-Iranian relations, culminating in the nuclear deal with Iran.

Season 6

Three years later, Saul contacted Javadi to confirm suspicions that Iran was cheating on the nuclear deal. When he came to New York with proof that Saul was being misled by his own service and Mossad, Dar Adal informed the IRGC that he was a traitor. Javadi was captured by Iranian agents, but escaped with help of an agent loyal to him.

Saul, struggling to unveil the anti-Iranian conspiracy inside the CIA, brought Javadi before president-elect Elizabeth Keane to present his evidence. Javadi however already made a deal with Dar Adal to guarantee his own safety, and in return told Keane that Iran was indeed pursuing a parallel nuclear program in North Korea.

Dar, however, decided to hand him over to Mossad anyway, but not before Javadi was able to secretly place a call on speaker to Carrie, alerting her and Saul to his perilous situation. After he was gone, Carrie and Saul fiound that he was able to leave his phone behind, hidden and containing evidence against the conspiracy between Mossad and the CIA.


In episode 7 of season 5, when Carrie is reviewing the documents that had been hacked from the CIA, one of the things that is shown is an article with the headline "Iran's Counter-Insurgency: Is Javadi Losing Control of the Quds Force." (Oriole)


The plan is a success. You and Brody pulled it off! - Javadi

Not if he dies. - Mathison

More so if he dies. - Javadi


Majid Javadi is a fictional character, who appears in the novel written by Andrew Kaplan: Saul's Game

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