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Mansour Al-Zahrani
Mansour Al-Zahrani.jpg
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Killed in a bombing orchestrated by Tom Walker
Profession: Diplomat Saudi
Played by: Ramsey Faragallah
Season(s): 1
Episodes: 3 appearances
First episode: "Achilles Heel"
Last episode: "Representative Brody"

Mansour Al-Zahrani was a Saudi diplomat in US.


He was a Sunni Muslim who married four wives and has several sons and daughters. Carrie discovers he has a preference for a daughter. Furthermore, he is homosexual but his women don't care about that, which shows that they have good relationships.

A Saudi diplomat stationed in Washington D.C., he was also secretly affiliated with al-Qaeda and acts as a handler to Nicholas Brody and Tom Walker. He was discovered by the CIA and then killed in a bombing attack engineered by Tom Walker, the Marine Two.


At any point in the season did real world events trigger the slightest script tweak?

GORDON | [The death of] Osama bin Laden was certainly a line that we added, but it was a big one, because it really sort of stood for why this show was a post-Osama bin Laden show.

GANSA | And remember the recent [real-world] plot [to assassinate] the Saudi ambassador? It didn’t influence what we were telling but what we wish we had told, because that was such a great story, the idea that Al-Quaeda would target the Saudi ambassador in Washington, D.C. I wish that had broken a couple of days earlier. - By Matt Webb Mitovich


US uncovers Iranian plot to assassinate Saudi Arabian ambassador to America. - WES BRUER

Behind the Scenes


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