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Mike Faber
Mike Faber profile.png
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Affiliation: US Marine Corps logo.png USMC
Profession: US Marine Corps Major.png Major, USMC, Military Intelligence
Sibling(s): a brother
Spouse(s): Ex-wife:
Significant other(s): Lover:
Jessica Brody
Played by: Diego Klattenhoff
Season(s): 1, 2, 3
Episodes: 17 appearances
First episode: "Pilot"
Last episode: "Game On"

Mike Faber is a Major in the U.S. Marines and a friend of Nick Brody. During Nick's eight-year absence, Mike started a relationship with Nick's wife, Jessica, which ended when Nick was rescued.

Nick later discovered the affair and briefly separated from his wife and ended his friendship with Mike. However, Brody later returned to his wife and had been asked to run for Congress. Brody fixed his friendship with Mike and forgave him, also asking him to persuade Jessica to let him run for office.

Mike agreed and asked Jessica to consider it, which upset her. During these events, an old friend of Mike and Brody by the name of Thomas Walker returned to the United States as a terrorist. He assassinated Elizabeth Gaines as a distraction for Brody to assassinate the Vice Presient, but Brody failed. Brody killed Walker as a test of loyalty to Abu Nazir.

Brody later got Jessica's approval, ran for Congress and won. Mike became suspicious of the events surrounding Walker's death and asked Brody to use his Congressional power to look into it for him. Brody agreed.



At some point in time, Mike married a woman named Megan. (Pilot)

Military service


At some point in, or before 2003, Mike Faber joined the United States Marine Corps.

Friendly loss

On May 19, 2003, Mike's friend, Sergeant Nick Brody was captured in Iraq near the Syrian border. (Pilot)


At some point in, or before 2011, Mike and Megan divorced. (Pilot)

Love affair

While Nick was missing and presumed dead for eight years, Mike started a relationship with Nick's wife. He became an increasingly important part of her life during Nick's absence and they were just about ready to move in together when Nick was rescued in Iraq and returned home. (Pilot)


Mike greets Nick for the first time in 8 years.

After Nick's return, Mike met him, as well as Jessica, Chris and Dana at the airport. (Pilot)

Behind the Scenes


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