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Mira Berenson
Mira Berenson.jpg
Name: Mira Berenson
(née Bhattacharya)
Status: Alive
Birthplace: Mumbai, India
Nationality: Flag of India.png Indian
Marital status: Divorced
Significant other(s): Saul Berenson (ex-husband)
Alan Bernard (ex-lover)
Played by: Sarita Choudhury
Season(s): 1, 2, 3, 4, 6
Episodes: 16 appearances
First episode: "Blind Spot"
Last episode: "The Flag House"

Mira Berenson (née Bhattacharya) is the wife (later ex-wife) of Saul Berenson.

She got a new lover because she lost faith in the marriage of her and Saul. She met him when she was working in Mumbai for a while.


Mira is a fictional character, who appears in the novel written by Andrew Kaplan:

Carrie and Mira had known each other for several years. (Homeland: Carrie's Run). Mira and Saul meet in Africa. They also meet Javadi and Fariba in Iran. (Homeland: Saul's Game)


Season 1

Mira Berenson is the wife of the CIA's Middle East Division Chief Saul Berenson. She leaves Saul to move to New Delhi.

Season 2

In 2012, she returns to the U.S. after the CIA bombing.

Season 3

She stays at Saul's side throughout his tenure as acting director of the CIA, though she briefly begins a relationship with another man, Alain Bernard, who is later revealed spying on Saul, acting on behalf of Andrew Lockhart. After breaking it off with Alain, she recommits to her marriage to Saul, which continues after his tenure at the CIA ends and he begins work in the private sector.

Season 4

However, after Saul rejoins the CIA, Mira files for divorce.

Season 6

They meet again in New York, as Saul prepares to go into hiding; their conversation causes Saul to reconsider.

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Fiction books
Carrie's Run
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