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One Last Thing
Season 3 Episode 9
Season 3, Episode 9
Written by: Barbara Hall
Directed by: Jeffrey Reiner
Production number: 3WAH09
Running time: 57 minutes
Original airdate: November 24, 2013


One Last Thing is the ninth episode of Season 3 of Homeland. It aired on November 24, 2013.


Carrie reunites with Brody, but the circumstances are more difficult than either of them could have imagined. Meanwhile Saul gets a win from an unlikely source, and Dana grapples with her new life away from home.

Episode guide[]

Saul and Dar Adal watch over the agonizing ordeal of Brody going through heroin withdrawal. Saul has six days until Lockhart assumes control of the CIA and wants Brody to fulfill his role before then. When it looks like Brody's heroin withdrawals will take too long, Dar Adal endorses the use of ibogaine, a drug which speeds up the withdrawal process but also induces severe, violent hallucinations; Adal implies that he's used the drug for that purpose. During a bad series of hallucinations, Brody smashes a wooden chair in his room and uses a broken piece to repeatedly stab himself in the arm, as if with a needle, before Saul physically restrains him.

When Brody has been weaned off the heroin, Saul offers him a chance at redemption with a mission where he can "be a Marine again". Brody declines, saying he'd rather just die. Saul goes to Carrie and outlines his plans: Brody will seek political asylum in Iran where he will likely be hailed as a hero, with the goal of assassinating the leader of the Revolutionary Guard, which would then lead to Majid Javadi inheriting that position. Carrie, in an attempt to motivate Brody, takes him to the motel where Dana is now working as a maid. They sit in the car and wait until Dana comes outside, at which point Brody desperately tries to get out of the car and see her but is subdued by the soldiers flanking him.

Virgil and Max find the recording device in Saul's house and are able to trace it back to Alain Bernard. Trailing him, they then take photographs of Bernard meeting with Senator Lockhart. Saul uses this information to buy more time for Brody. Lockhart agrees to postpone his appointment as new director in exchange for Saul not exposing Lockhart as having conspired against him.

Back at the base, Brody pleads with Carrie to be allowed to tell Dana that he is innocent. Carrie retorts that even if he is innocent of the Langley bombing, there are many other things he's done he has to atone for. Carrie appeals to Brody's love of his family (Jessica and Dana) and eventually gets him to agree to the mission. Over a sixteen-day period, Brody is worked back to his best physical condition with the help of a team of eight special operations soldiers, United States Army Special Forces.

Carrie secretly takes Brody to visit Dana shortly before his scheduled departure. She is living and working in a motel as a janitor. And she apparently is very, very freaked out about seeing her father again. Brody tries to connect with Dana, apologizing for all that he's done to her and insisting that he wasn't responsible for the bombing (12/12/2012), it happens Dana is upset and very standoffish. Being seen as a terrorist in America's eyes was never Brody's biggest concern, now disappointing Dana has always been an unbearable idea for the ex-military man.

Brody leaves disheartened when Dana asks him what he wants her to say so that she'll never have to see him again. As easy as it is to understand Brody's side, it's impossible not to agree with Dana in the scene where her father visits her. Her life was devastated by the consequences of his choices, she lost everything, almost lost her life, it's not possible for him after so many lies to expect a reception with open arms. As painful as it was to see Brody rejected, it was a result of his actions and the impact they had on the lives of those who loved him.

Brody is taken back by Carrie to the base where he departs for Iran. And then when he’s in the car with Carrie, he says that something other than his daughter will be what brings him back, and he exchanges a meaningful glance with her.


“They kill the engine, and they wait. What are they waiting for? The sun passes overhead. He isn’t at peace, but he’s not raving. When it works its way out of his system, what will go with it? Who will he be? Will the dwarves take him all the way – all the way – back to the beginning, before the last honest thing he ever said? Are they strong enough to get him there?” –Jacob Clifton

Carrie handles motherhood the same way she’s always handled her relationship with Brody: recklessly and convinced that destiny will play a role in whether it works out or doesn’t. She figures that if their relationship is meant to happen, it will survive all the crushing obstacles in its way. She assumes that if she’s supposed to be with Brody, he will somehow live to risk and rebuild himself another day.” –Jen Chaney

What’s great about Dana as a character is she’s truly liberal. She’s a curious creature and she’s interested in the world around her. She’s not daunted by those things. That’s why she had the foresight and the maturity to accept her father at a time when her mother wasn’t able to do that. And that’s what’s particularly sad now–even she can’t make that step anymore. She can’t make that leap.” –Damian Lewis

Once she shows him the motel where Dana’s been living and working as a housekeeper, she’s able to get him back in the game. Whatever messes he’s left behind — his family, that Imam’s household in Caracas, the people that Tom killed the day of the suicide vest — are still what haunts him, and Carrie knows what buttons to push. By the time he leaves for Tehran he’s more like the man we never got to meet, and even able to think about a future with Carrie again.[…] She doesn’t tell him about the baby but does promise several times to see him on the other side. (x)

But who was the most melodramatic character this week? Let's tally things up: And this week's winner is Brody! - By Jenny An

What’s the worst mistake that Homeland has made?

Gansa: I’m going to let the mistake one just go by. It’s sort hard not to feel defensive about criticism, and for me to wade into that… Look, the Brody family has been a bit of a third rail. I guess I would say the biggest mistake we made, possibly, was giving Dana another love interest [Leo Carras] in this season. But that said, I think without it, that scene in episode 9 when she and her father were reunited in that motel doorway may not have had as much power as it did.


" e can do something. Something to break the long jump. Something besides another war. Something that’ll change the facts on the ground just enough so two countries that haven’t been able to communicate for over 30 years except through terrorist actions and threats…can sit down and talk. That’s the play, Carrie. Tell me it’s not worth your time. Homeland 3x09 || Horse And Wagon

  • I’m offering you a chance to be a Marine again. - Saul for Brody
  • How is he? (Carrie)
  • He’s not well (Saul)
  • “You know, the assumptions behind that question are so misguided, it frightens me.” (Saul)
  • He can do something. Something to break the long jump. Something besides another war. Something that’ll change the facts on the ground just enough so two countries that haven’t been able to communicate for over 30 years except through terrorist actions and threats…can sit down and talk. That’s the play, Carrie. Tell me it’s not worth your time. - Saul for Carrie
  • Tell me if there’s anything I can do for you. Anything. - Carrie for Brody
  • "I just want to know what the hell is going on with my daughter" - Brody for Carrie
  • Dana says, crying: "Have you thought for a second if I wanted to see you?" “What did you want to hear? That you were a good father? That despite everything everything is fine? What do you want me to say?” She turns and picks up a pen and pad of paper: “I'll tell you that, as long as you promise I'll never have to see you again,” // she says, before seeing Carrie at the door: "Any one of you." - Dana say for Brody and Carrie
  • "I will return from Tehran" (Brody)
  • "I know you will" (Carrie)
  • "Not just for her." (Brody)
  • Saul: “I am at a fuckin’ loss with you”
  • Carrie: “We’re going to have to find a way to trust each other, or at least come up with a really great way of faking it.”
  • “See you on the other side.” - Carrie for Brody


- "One Last Thing" (previously titled "Horse and Wagon" and also known as "One Last Time") is the ninth episode of the third season of the American television drama series Homeland, and the 33rd episode overall. It premiered on Showtime on November 24, 2013.

- Given the nature of the mission, it's likely that these men were actually Green Berets.

The Marines have a relatively small special operations force, called Raiders. This is due to their core belief of "esprit de corps," which basically means that all Marines are elite Marines. The SEALS are another possibility, but they focus on brute-force missions such as hostage rescue and so-called counterterrorism. On the other hand Green Berets specialise in intelligence operations such as this, where they require the cultural and linguistic skills to convince the Persians that they are actually al-Qaeda members. They likely needed to speak Arabic fluently for their al-Qaeda cover story, and Farsi in order to communicate with the Iranians).

In the real world, you would choose a team of agents/soldiers of Iraqi-Americans, preferably those who were born in Iraq. However, in true Hollywood fashion, white "exotic-looking" actors were cast in their place, and given "foreign-sounding" names. Only 4 members of the team that trained Sgt Brody are listed in the credits.

- In this chapter, Dar Adal makes it clear that he has already used Ibogaine.

Ibogaine is the active ingredient present in the root of an African plant called Iboga, which can be used to detoxify the body and mind, helping in the treatment against drug use, but which produces great hallucinations, and which is used in spiritual rituals in Africa and Central America. Ibogaine is a shrub that can be found in some countries like Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Angola and Equatorial Guinea. ibogaine can be indicated for:

  • Help reduce the symptoms of addiction to drugs such as crack, cocaine, heroin, morphine and others, and even completely eliminate the urge to use drugs;
  • In African countries this plant can also be used in case of fatigue, fever, tiredness, stomach pain, diarrhea, liver problems, sexual impotence and against AIDS.

Ibogaine belongs to the family of hallucinogens. Its consumption causes visions and it is believed that it is possible to meet spirits, but it can also trigger serious psychiatric conditions, induce coma, and can cause death.

There are studies that indicate that a 4-day treatment with Iboga tea was enough to eliminate chemical dependency, however it has been proven that high doses can cause unpleasant side effects such as fever, rapid heartbeat and death.

- In the scene where Brody and Doctor Turani are playing Taule.

Taule is a traditional two-player Arabic board game sometimes called "Arabic backgammon" and popular in the Arab community. The name comes from "tavle", which means "table". It is a game of the backgammon family and can be played with the same equipment as this one.

The equipment of the game of Taule is exactly the same as Backgammon, except perhaps for the dice (Backgammon often uses two pairs of dice, one for each player, and a betting dice numbered with powers of two: "2", "4" ,... "64". The betting die is a recent addition to backgammon and does not exist in Taule). The exact rules are little known outside the Arab community, but according to references [citation needed] there are variants for one dice and for two dice, and in at least one of them the rules are similar to those of backgammon except for the following points:

  • At the beginning of the game all pieces are off the board. They come into play one by one according to the dice rolls, just as in Backgammon with the pieces that are captured during the game - that is, on the opponent's number 1 to 6 squares, which correspond to the 19 to 24 squares of the player himself.
  • The capture of opponent's pieces occurs, as in Backgammon, when a player's piece lands on the same square where there is a single opponent's piece. However, the consequence is not the expulsion of the opponent's piece, but its stoppage; a captured piece remains on the square where it was captured, but cannot move before the opposing pieces leave it.

The result is a game with clear similarities to Backgammon, but with a completely different development and strategy.Cast

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  • Jack Solomon as David Weissman
  • Randall Taylor as Dr. Avery



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