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Status: Deceased
Date of death: 2015
Cause of death: Fatally shot by Bibi Hamed
Nationality: Flag of Germany.png German
Flag of Iran.png Iranian
Profession: Jihadist
Others: Bibi Hamed (cousin)
Played by: Alireza Bayram
Episodes: 7 episodes
First episode: "Parabiosis"
Last episode: "A False Glimmer"

Qasim was a young, inexperienced recruit to an ISIS cell operating out of Berlin, led by his cousin Bibi Hamed.


He becomes doubtful about the jihadists' mission after learning that it involves a chemical attack on Berlin. While being held captive, Quinn persuades him to help stop the attack. When the jihadists use Quinn as a test subject for their sarin gas chamber, Qasim discreetly injects him with an antidote to save his life.

On the day of the attack, which is to occur at the Berlin train station, Carrie finds Qasim and convinces him to stop Bibi from launching the weapon. Qasim confronts his cousin, who kills him before being shot dead by Carrie, thus thwarting the attack.

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