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R for Romeo
Season 6, Episode 11
Written by: Chip Johannessen & Patrick Harbinson
Directed by: Seith Mann
Production number: 6WAH11
Running time: 46 minutes
Original airdate: April 2, 2017
Viewers (millions): 1.34

R Is for Romeo is the eleventh episode of Season 6 of Homeland. It aired on April 2, 2017.


Carrie and Quinn make a discovery. Keane makes a decision. Max finds trouble.

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- Don't call anyone. The van is from me to you. The guy is mine.

- And can you tell me why? It doesn't matter why. It will when you're tried for murder.

- I don't care.

- You-- You don't care?

- I don't care.

- Yeah, well, I do.

- What is that supposed to mean? What, I don't care? I don't care so much I visited you in the hospital every day? I don't care so much I took you into my home? I lost my daughter? I don't care so much I fucking dropped everything when your hooker girlfriend showed up out of the blue and said you needed me.

- You had no choice.

- Oh, believe me, I did.

- You owe me.

- And why's that?

- Because you made me this way! In Berlin, you woke me f-from a coma f-f-for answers. I don't have them. You keep saying you saved my l-life. You killed it. You made this stroke.

- Who told you that?

- You only care because you got f-found out.

- No. Quinn

- Y-You did this to me! It's always your mission, y-your mission, the mission!

- That is not true. That is not true.

- You made me a fucking monkey!

- Quinn, listen to me-- (screeching)


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Christian Keiber as Security Guard
  • Jenna Wolfe as Reporter #1
  • Kelly Miller as Reporter Tom
  • Obaid Kadwani as Reporter #3
  • Carey Van Driest as ASAC Agent


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