Roya Hammad
Name: Roya Hammad
Status: Deceased
Date of birth: 1975
Nationality: Flag of Palestine Palestinian
Affiliation: Abu Nazir
Profession: Reporter
Sibling(s): Five siblings
Played by: Zuleikha Robinson
Seasons: 2
First episode: "The Smile"
Last episode: "In Memoriam"

Roya Hammad is a journalist who is sympathetic towards Abu Nazir. Educated at Marlborough College in England, she acts as a go-between for Sergeant-turned-Congressman Nick Brody and terrorist Abu Nazir.


Roya was born in the West Bank, Palestine to a wealthy businessman. She was sent to boarding school in England. After graduating from school, she took a gap year, traveling in the Middle East (following activities in Lau and building a school in Tanzania).

In the Gaza Strip, she stayed with hospitable family. There, she witnessed the repression of the Arabs through the western-backed sanctions. She became disillusioned with western society and government cover-ups, as influenced by a Hamas lieutenant. She undertook her tertiary study at Oxford University.


Her family had ties with Abu Nazir, a notorious commander of al-Qaeda, that date back to his expulsion from Palestine. She became radicalized when her loved ones perished in an American drone strike.

Roya was instrumental in Nazir's Langley Bombing on 12/12 which killed 219 people.

A terrorist undercover as a reporter, she would give Congressman Nicholas Brody, at that time a Nazir sympathizer, assignments and instructions. Her ultimate mission was to transport terrorists disguised as a news crew to an event with Vice President William Walden and American soldiers returning home from duty in the middle east.


However, the attack was prevented because Brody had already at that time betrayed Nazir and turned Roya over to the CIA. She refused to cooperate in Carrie Mathison's interrogation, and instead broke down in rage at her audacity to feign empathy. However, she did inadvertently give her a hint that lead to Nazir's capture.

Her thwarted attack was not in vain, though. It allowed, just as Nazir planned, for the CIA to let its guard down, resulting in the horrific Langley Bombing. Roya was thus an unwitting pawn in a scheme beyond her knowing.

She was last seen detained in a CIA interrogation room with a medical doctor, apparently being medicated because of her psychosis from earlier.

In Carrie's notes she is marked as 'dead', therefore it is possible she got the death penalty.

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