Sam Paley

Sam Paley
Sam Paley.jpg
Status: Alive (Incarcerated)
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Profession: U.S Senator
Played by: Dylan Baker
Season(s): 7
First episode: "Enemy of the State"
Last episode: "Paean to the People"

Sam Paley is a United States Senator leading an investigation into President Keane after her arrest of 200 federal employees.


He initially works with Carrie to obtain insider information that will help his investigation. After the assassination of General Jamie McClendon, Paley subpoenas Simone Martin, girlfriend of chief of staff David Wellington, to testify before Congress. Carrie soon learns that her source, FBI agent Dante Allen, is a Russian asset (alongside Simone), working to sabotage the Keane administration by implicating Wellington in the McClendon assassination.

Saul and Wellington disclose their findings on the Russian infiltration plot to a stunned Paley, who initially believes them, only to reverse course after Dante's death, believing Keane is using Russia as a scapegoat to cover up her own crimes. Paley begins amassing votes among Keane's staff to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove her from office.

When Paley learns that Saul is on a mission to extract Simone from Russia, he allows his chief of staff to notify the Russian ambassador to sabotage the mission, thereby ending Keane's hopes of salvaging her administration. After Simone is successfully exfiltrated and testifies regarding the GRU's plot to bring down Keane, Paley is arrested as a co-conspirator for his attempts to stop the exfiltration.


Season 7
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