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Saul Berenson
Saul Berenson S6.jpg
Name: Saul Michael Berenson
Status: Alive
Birthplace: Calliope, Indiana,
United States of America
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Religion: Jewish
Residence(s): 413 Circle Drive,
Washington, D.C.,
United States of America
Affiliation: Central Intelligence Agency
Profession: CIA Division Chief of Europe
Former Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
Former National Security advisor to President Elizabeth Keane
Sibling(s): Dorit (sister)
Marital status: Divorced
Spouse(s): Mira Berenson (divorced)
Significant other(s): Marital status: In a relationship Significant other(s): Former: Allison Car (d. 2015)

Carrie Mathison (associate) (alive)

Dar Adal (associate) (alive)

Virgil Piotrowski (associate) (alive)

Fara Sherazi (associate) (d. 2014)

Peter Quinn (associate) (d.2016)

Max Piotrowski (associate) (d. 2018)

Played by: Mandy Patinkin
Ben Savage (flashback)
Season(s): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
First episode: "Pilot"
Last episode: "Prisoners of War"

"No one else. You can't ask Langley for help either. You are on your own. - Saul

Story of my life. - Carrie

Saul: Sometimes I think you prefer to be alone. - Saul

I was always an outsider. - Carrie

All of us. This is a profession for outsiders. - Saul

You too? - Carrie

Are you kidding? Jesus. We're all outsiders, Carrie. We are in this profession because it is the only one that would let us in. - Saul " (Novel Homeland: Carrie's Run)

Saul Michael Berenson is Carrie Mathison's mentor and to some extent, protector at the CIA. He recruited, trained, and placed Carrie in the field, and continues to have a close working relationship with her, despite not being her immediate boss anymore.

About Him

Grew up… feeling like an outsider, even in his own community. Saul was one of the only Jewish residents of Calliope, Ind., for which he faced discrimination. He spent his early life trying to fit in with his community. Now he’s doing all he can to stay under the radar.

Living… in the direct center of a political and diplomatic hurricane. Saul resides in Washington D.C., but he spend most of his time trying to solve international quarrels at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

Profession… CIA officer. Saul knows the ins and outs of international politics like no one else at the agency. He’s been at the heart of conflicts in the Middle East since the beginning of his career. As a result, Saul is a reasonable realist who’s willing to sacrifice himself for his country.

Interests... none, aside from his job. Saul’s entire life revolves around the CIA. The job eats him up, even though he knows that it’s toxic for his personal life. “Everyone lies in this business,” he says. “I accept that.”

Relationship Status… precarious. Saul is married, but it seems that he’s only holding onto his wife by a thin thread.

Challenge… saving the United States and his marriage. Thwarting terrorist attacks on U.S. soil is one thing, but preventing “the love of my life walking out my door” may prove to be even tougher.

Personality... reserved, sober, and determined. The ever-patient Saul is willing to play the “long game” when it comes to diplomacy and spycraft. He is the most reasoned and grounded member of his elite CIA team. Without Saul, the agency might well implode.


He is a veteran intelligence officer at the CIA, initially introduced as the agency's Middle East Division Chief. His measured approach to his job often clashes with Carrie's drastic, impulsive methods. Saul is doggedly committed to his job, often at the expense of his personal life: he has a wife, Mira, who resents his absence at home (which ultimately results in their divorce), and a sister, Dorit, who lives in the West Bank and has not seen him in years.


Little is known about early Saul's life yet, it has been established he majored in political science in college. He was also one of the few Jewish children to grow up in a town in rural Indiana. Saul "The Bear" has worked for the CIA for 35 years. Saul recruited a young Carrie Mathison into the CIA, and is a close friend and mentor to her. He was responsible for catching Osama Bin Laden.

Nick Brody's return

Ten months later, Carrie told Saul about the intel Hasan Ibrahim supplied regarding a turned American POW and requested permission to place surveillance on Sgt. Nick Brody, a POW who was recently rescued after long captivity. Saul denied the request, suggesting that her idea that Abu Nazir tipped off the military to the location where Brody was found was fanciful, and would need real evidence to justify action against Brody. After Saul doesn't approve of placing surveillance on Brody, Carrie illegally starts surveilling him anyway with the help of Virgil Piotrowski.

He did however place her in Brody's debriefing on the condition that she behave herself (which she didn't). Saul defends her against her boss, David Estes, who complained about her behavior in the debriefing, however he was warned not to let things get personal with Carrie. Saul discovered Carrie's illegal surveillance of Brody and became angry with her when she later to seduce Brody. Saul does feel that Carrie justified herself when she found a rhythmic pattern in the way Brody tapped his fingers during televised appearances.

Saul is instrumental in getting cooperation from captured terrorist Aileen Morgan, which leads to information that implicates Tom Walker. Saul later runs afoul of CIA Director Estes when he discovers that Estes and then-CIA director William Walden ordered a drone strike that hit a school in Iraq and have been taking measures to cover up the incident. After an operation with Carrie in Beirut, Saul finds a copy of the confession tape that Brody recorded. This leads to Saul, Carrie, and Estes forming a task force attempting to use Brody as a re-doubled agent against al-Qaeda. Saul discovers that Estes' plan is to have Brody killed once the operation is finished and tries to put a stop to it which leads to further friction with Estes, almost losing his job. However, Peter Quinn, the black ops operative hired by Estes to kill Brody, decides not to go through with the plan once Abu Nazir is killed. When Estes is killed at the bombing of the memorial service for William Walden at Langley on December 12, Saul becomes the acting director of the CIA.

Once he is director, Saul and Carrie almost immediately put into action a plan to lure out the mastermind behind the 12/12 attacks, in which Carrie is outed to the press as having bipolar disorder and having had an affair with Brody. Appearing vulnerable, Carrie is contacted by representatives of an international bank with ties to the middle east, as Saul predicted, who ask her to inform on CIA operations to their client, Majid Javadi, Iran's deputy intelligence Chief and the orchestrator of the 12/12 attack with whom Saul has a troubled history. When they were both getting their starts in their respective nations, Saul and Javadi worked together during the Iranian hostage crisis, but Javadi betrayed Saul by having several hostages who Saul was going to extradite back to the states killed. In response, Saul helped Javadi's wife and son escape to America. Saul, with the help of Fara Sherazi, finds that Javadi embezzled millions from his own nation to fund the attack, making him an enemy of the Iranian state should this ever be revealed. Using this as leverage to make Javadi a CIA asset, Saul sends Javadi back to Iran. At the same time, Saul clashes with Senator Andrew Lockhart, who is soon to replace him as director, and he discovers that his wife is having an affair with a man named Alain Bernard.

Saul manages to bring Brody, now a heroin addict after his captivity in Caracas, back to the United States to help carry out the second phase of his plans for the Middle East. Saul intends to send Brody to Iran under the guise of seeking political asylum so that he can kill Danesh Akbari, leader of the Revolutionary Guard, who will then be replaced by Javadi - ushering in a regime change in the nation. A special ops unit works to rehabilitate and retrain Brody back to peak condition. Meanwhile, Saul finds that Alain is an Israeli intelligence agent hired by Lockhart to spy on him, and uses this info to give himself more time in office to see through the mission to the plan. Brody manages to make it into Tehran, where he eventually succeeds in killing Akbari. Carrie implores Saul to get Brody extracted; Saul agrees, but Lockhart and Dar Adal overstep him and leak Brody's location to Iranian authorities, who apprehend and execute Brody. Despite this, Saul's plan is a success, with Iran agreeing to disarm its nuclear sites four months later. Saul is fired from the CIA once Lockhart takes office, and then begins work in the private sector.


Saul travels to the U.S. embassy in Islamabad where Carrie has since been posted as station chief, and reconnects with U.S. ambassador Martha Boyd, an old friend and former romantic partner. On his way back, Saul is kidnapped and brought to Taliban leader Haissam Haqqani, who uses him as a human shield to travel freely through Pakistan without fear of a drone strike. Haqqani holds Saul captive as a bargaining chip to get several Taliban prisoners released in an exchange. Some time after the Taliban's assault on the U.S. embassy, Saul learns from Dar Adal that Haqqani agreed not to harbor terrorists in Afghanistan in exchange for being removed from the CIA's kill list. Dar also informs Saul that video evidence of his capture by the Taliban will not be publicized, preserving Saul's chances of becoming CIA director. Saul agrees to this deal, deeply disappointing Carrie when eventually finds out. Carrie subsequently helps derail Saul's bid for the directorship, forming a rift between them that lasts over two years.


Two years later, Saul is called to Berlin to attend to a scandal involving leaked documents attesting to widespread privacy violations by the American and German governments as part of a counterterrorism probe. Saul formally agrees to end the program but continues it independently, enlisting Peter Quinn to assassinate known targets. In the two-year interim, Mira filed for divorce from Saul after he rejoined the CIA, and Saul began a sexual relationship with Berlin station chief Allison Carr. Carrie later finds out that Allison is a longtime mole for the Russians and is using Saul as a patsy to obtain classified intelligence. Carrie and Saul team up with German intelligence to thwart the Russians' operation; though Allison escapes, Saul makes a deal with Ivan Krupin, her handler, for details about her extraction plan, and leads a team to intercept and assassinate Allison at the German border.

After Keane's election

Months later, Saul and Dar Adal advise President-elect Elizabeth Keane in New York during her transition into office. Dar, distrustful of Keane's antiwar platform and anticipated overhauls of the intelligence community, plots behind Saul's back to undermine the Keane administration. Saul investigates Iran's possible violations of their nuclear treaty (based on a false lead planted by Dar), visiting his sister Dorit in the West Bank as cover to secretly meet with Majid Javadi. Saul has Javadi confirm whether Iran is running a parallel nuclear program; Javadi eventually comes to the U.S. himself, seeking political asylum after he is outed as a CIA asset in Iran, and confirms to Saul that Iran is complying with the nuclear pact. However, Javadi reverses course, telling the opposite to Keane after making a deal with Dar Adal. Saul and Carrie prove to Keane that Dar is conspiring against her. After a faction within Dar's group attempts to assassinate Keane, she retaliates during the first month of her presidency by arresting over 200 federal employees including Saul.

Keane's presidency

Some months later, Keane agrees to release her 200 political prisoners including Saul, who accepts the position of National Security Advisor. Saul is first placed in charge of the manhunt for provocateur Brett O'Keefe, and unsuccessfully attempts to deescalate a standoff between the FBI and O'Keefe's supporters (which ultimately ends in a deadly shootout). Saul finds evidence that the situation escalated due to disinformation deployed by the Russians, and enlists a task force to uncover a widespread Russian conspiracy to undermine President Keane's administration. He and Carrie work to exfiltrate a key witness in the case from Russia so that she can testify about the conspiracy before Congress. Carrie allows herself to be captured by the GRU in order to ensure the operation's success, and Saul is forced to leave her behind. Seven months later, Saul negotiates Carrie's release in a prisoner exchange and finds her in severe delirium due to her being denied medication for her bipolar disorder while in captivity.

Season Finale

After Keane resigns, Saul stays on as National Security Advisor for Ralph Warner, who inherits the office after serving as Vice President to Keane. Over a period of months, Saul oversees a diplomatic effort to end the war in Afghanistan. He visits a recovering Carrie in Germany and enlists her to help negotiate the peace agreement in Kabul. A major breakthrough occurs when Taliban leader Haissam Haqqani is himself discovered to be interested in ending the war. Saul meets with Haqqani to finalize a peace agreement, but negotiations collapse when a helicopter carrying President Warner and Afghan President Daoud crashes near a military outpost where the end of the war was just announced. Saul finds his advice falling on deaf ears in the White House after the brash and inexperienced Vice President Benjamin Hayes takes over the Presidency. When tensions between the U.S. and Pakistan nearly culminate in a war, Saul and Carrie work to obtain the helicopter's flight recorder, which proves that the crash occurred due to mechanical failure, but is in the hands of the Russians. Carrie makes a deal with the GRU, agreeing to give up the identity of Saul's deeply embedded asset inside the Kremlin in exchange for the recorder. When Saul refuses to name his asset, Carrie independently identifies the individual as Anna Pomerantseva, the GRU's head interpreter who volunteered to defect for Saul in 1986 while in East Berlin. The effort ultimately succeeds in preventing a war between the U.S. and Pakistan, at the cost of Anna committing suicide to avoid capture by Russian authorities. Two years later, Carrie, having defected to Moscow, becomes Saul's new mole inside the Kremlin.


Saul is a fictional character, who appears in the novel written by Andrew Kaplan: Carrie's Run and Saul's Game


"Everyone lies in this business, I accept that. But we all draw lines somewhere, and the two sides of that line are us and them. And whatever we had you and I, whatever trust we built up over a decade of me protecting you and teaching you everything I know, you destroyed it when you lied to me and you treated me like them. Like every other schmuck in this building. So when you say you understand, is that what you mean?"-Saul for Carrie

Everything she does is because she never loses sight of what’s important. - Saul for Jenna

You don’t know a goddamned thing. You’re the smartest and the dumbest fuckin’ person I’ve ever know. - Saul for Carrie

‘She has been running herself’. - Saul for Quinn

"In the end, who we trust in this life is all that matters." - Saul

Saul loved me. He trusted me… and that’s gone now. - Carrie

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