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Original run October 2, 2011 – December 18, 2011
No. of Episodes 12
Nielsen rating 18-49 rating:
Viewers (million):
1.25 (average)
Home video release
DVD release
Region 1 August 28, 2012
Blu-ray Disc release
Region A August 28, 2012
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Season 1 of Homeland aired from October 2, 2011 to December 18, 2011.


Carrie Mathison, a CIA officer battling her own demons becomes convinced that the intelligence that led to the rescue of Nicholas Brody, a United States Marine Sergeant who had been missing and presumed dead for eight years, was a setup and may be connected to an Al Qaeda plot to be carried out on American soil.

Cast and characters

CARRIE MATHISON... Crack CIA agent Carrie Mathison plays by her own rules when it comes to protecting the US from terrorist attacks. Her uncanny intuition, dogged determination, and gift for persuasion have helped her convert allies, thwart plots, and take out terrorists, often using controversial methods that are uniquely her own. Now Carrie's particular mix of traits also includes bipolar disorder, for which she must take daily medication in order to function. Her unusual sensitivities make it difficult for her to maintain the line between her personal and professional lives. She readily tries to get emotionally close to her targets and is not even above using sex to get what she wants, now the results often wreak havoc on her personally.

NICHOLAS BRODY... Wild Brody, a Congressman and retired U.S. Marine Gunnery Sergeant (formerly Sergeant) who is rescued by Delta Force after being held by al-Qaeda as a prisoner of war for eight years.

SAUL BERENSON... Saul is Carrie's long-time, no-nonsense mentor and he loves her like a daughter, even though it isn't always easy. His unorthodox style and high-risk, old school maneuvers have both succeeded and failed spectacularly, often with Carrie's help. Saul is a career man who is married to his job, which doesn't leave him much time for a personal life.

MAGGIE MATHISON... Carrie's long-suffering sister Maggie is Carrie's rock – the shoulder she cries on, the perennial helping hand, the place she turns when she has nowhere else to go. Maggie is also a psychiatrist who helps keep Carrie in the drugs she needs to control her bipolar disorder.

MAX PIOTROWSKI... Carrie's go-to guy when it comes to surveillance, Max is a private consultant with a long history of helping her out of scrapes. Max may be socially awkward and shy, but he is one of Carrie's most trusted associates.

DANNY GALVEZ... Played by Hrach Titizian, Danny Galvez is a Muslim-American CIA officer with a Lebanese mother and a Guatemalan father who assists Carrie in most of her cases.


Main Cast

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Picture Title Number Season Number Production Code Original Airdate U.S. viewers
Season 1 Episode 1 promotional.jpg Pilot 1 1 #1WAH79 October 2, 2011 1.08
Carrie Mathison, a CIA officer battling her own demons becomes convinced that the intelligence that led to the rescue of Nicholas Brody, a United States Marine Sergeant who had been missing and presumed dead for eight years, was a setup and may be connected to an Al Qaeda plot to be carried out on American soil.
Season 1 Episode 2.png Grace 2 2 #1WAH01 October 9, 2011 0.94
An undercover agent with connections to a Saudi prince who may be funding terrorist activities provides Carrie with a revealing bit of electronic evidence. Meanwhile, Carrie studies surveillance footage of life in Brody's home, where he appears troubled by traumatic memories and resists Pentagon and media pressure to be hyped as an American war hero.
Season 1 Episode 3.png Clean Skin 3 3 #1WAH02 October 16, 2011 1.08
Despite misgivings, the Brody family prepares to step into the spotlight with an exclusive television interview; at the CIA, Carrie and her team close in on an Al Qaeda plot to fund a terrorist attack on the U.S.
Season 1 Episode 4.png Semper I 4 4 #1WAH03 October 23, 2011 1.10
The political powers that be make big plans for national hero Brody, but his increasingly erratic behavior threatens his media darling status; Carrie grows desperate for evidence linking Brody with Abu Nazir, as Saul directs her to focus on Nazir's money trail.
Season 1 Episode 5.png Blind Spot 5 5 #1WAH04 October 30, 2011 1.28
Brody confronts the lone survivor among the insurgents that held him, leading Carrie to believe she may be proved right about Brody once and for all - but Brody's reunion with his captor surprises everyone; the agency is hot on the trail of the lovers who bought a house near the airport with funds from a stolen necklace.
Season 1 Episode 6.png The Good Soldier 6 6 #1WAH05 November 6, 2011 1.33
Reeling after losing key players in Nazir's plot against America, the CIA orders polygraphs on everyone who came in contact with them, including Brody, which Carrie sees as an opportunity to finally learn the truth.
Season 1 Episode 7.jpg The Weekend 7 7 #1WAH06 November 13, 2011 1.42
The relationship between Carrie and Brody becomes more complicated when they head into the countryside for the weekend, while Mike and Jessica face the fallout of the truth about their relationship, and Saul catches Aileen on the run to Mexico.
Season 1 Episode 8.png Achilles Heel 8 8 #1WAH07 November 20, 2011 1.20
As Carrie and Saul reel from the news that Walker is alive, the intelligence community clashes on the best way to capture him; Brody learns a shocking truth about his captivity.
Season 1 Episode 9.png Crossfire 9 9 #1WAH08 November 27, 2011 1.35
After his attempt to sever ties with Abu Nazir, Brody finds himself reliving his captivity and recommits to his mission; Carrie finds herself in the middle of a public relations nightmare on the heels of the mosque shooting.
Season 1 Episode 10.png Representative Brody 10 10 #1WAH09 December 4, 2011 1.22
Carrie and Saul identify Walker's contact in Washington but their target has diplomatic immunity; Brody is approached to run for a disgraced congressman's seat in the House of Representatives.
Season 1 Episode 11.png The Vest 11 11 #1WAH10 December 11, 2011 1.32
In the wake of the explosion, Saul finds Carrie hospitalized and manic, but realizes her chaotic theories have merit; before his congressional campaign begins, Brody takes his family on a weekend trip to Gettysburg, where he retrieves an important item.
Season 1 Episode 12.png Marine One 12 12 #1WAH11 December 18, 2011 1.71
While Carrie is near catatonic and confined to bed, Saul investigates the unsettling implications of her timeline; Walker secures a perch for his mission; Brody makes his final preparations for the Vice President's policy summit at the State Department.



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