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Original run February 11, 2018 - April 29, 2018
No. of Episodes 12
Nielsen rating 18-49 rating:
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Region 1 2018
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Region A 2018
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Season 7 of Homeland premiered on February 11, 2018 and concluded on April 29, 2018.  It is the penultimate season.


Carrie has left her job in the White House and moved back to D.C. to live with her sister Maggie. She takes on the Keane administration to secure the release of the 200 members of the intelligence community who were arrested under President Keane's orders the previous season.


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Picture Title Number Season Number Production Code Original Airdate U.S. viewers
Homeland - 701 - Enemy of the State Enemy of the State 73 1 7WAH01 February 11, 20181.22

Carrie and Frannie are living with Maggie's family in DC. Saul and the federal employees detained after the attempt on the President-elect's life are in prison. President Keane's administration comes under scrutiny.

Homeland - 702 - Rebel Rebel Rebel Rebel 74 2 7WAH02 February 18, 20181.12
Carrie makes a discovery. Wellington protects Keane. O'Keefe continues to broadcast.
Homeland - 703 - Standoff Standoff 75 3 7WAH03 February 25, 20181.26
Carrie has a distressing realization. Saul negotiates. Keane and Wellington disagree.
Homeland - 704 - Like Bad at Things Like Bad at Things 76 4 7WAH04 March 4, 20180.93
Carrie follows a lead. Saul's situation goes from bad to worse.
Homeland - 705 - Active Measures Active Measures 77 5 7WAH05 March 11, 20181.32
Carrie puts a plan in motion. Saul visits a source. Keane makes a desperate plea.
Homeland - 706 - Species Jump Species Jump 78 6 7WAH06 March 18, 20181.25
Saul calls an old friend. Wellington has a problem. Carrie enjoys a win.
Homeland - 707 - Andante Andante 79 7 7WAH07 March 25, 20181.28
Carrie makes a move. Wellington has a reckoning. Saul expands an operation.
Homeland - 708 - Lies, Amplifiers, Fking TwitterLies, Amplifiers, F**king Twitter 80 8 7WAH08 April 1, 20181.22
Carrie and Saul interrogate a suspect. Wellington makes a play.
Homeland - 709 - Useful IdiotUseful Idiot 81 9 7WAH09 April 8, 20181.24
Carrie has problems at home. Saul and Wellington work on Paley.
Homeland - 710 - Clarity Clarity 82 10 7WAH10 April 15, 20181.28
Carrie needs to choose a side. Keane needs an ally. Saul has an idea.
Homeland - 711 - All In All In 83 11 7WAH11 April 22, 20181.39
Saul's mission is a go. The clock ticks on the Keane administration.
Homeland - 712 - Paean to the People Paean to the People 84 12 7WAH12 April 29, 20181.30
Carrie and Saul's mission doesn't go as planned. Elizabeth Keane fights for her presidency.

Production Notes

  • Showtime renewed the series for a seventh season of 12 episodes on August 11, 2016.
  • Production began on September 11, 2017 and ended in Budapest, Hungary in late March 2018.
  • The writers initially planned for the series' seventh and eighth seasons to comprise one two-season arc, but current events surrounding the U.S. government convinced them to instead continue the arc from Season 6 into this season.


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