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Sekou Bah
Sekou Bah.jpg
Status: Deceased
Nationality: Flag of Nigeria.png Nigerian
Profession: Delivery man
Mother: Aby Bah
Sibling(s): Simone Bah (sister)
Others: Saad Mahsud (friend)
Played by: J. Mallory McCree
Season(s): 6
First episode: "Fair Game"
Last episode: "A Flash of Light"

Sekou Bah was a young man who migrated from Nigeria to the United States as a child with his mother and sister. He became a radicalized Muslim.


He is a Muslim teenager living in New York City who alerts the FBI's attention after posting a series of online videos denouncing U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and sympathizing with Al-Qaeda.

Carrie works with her non-profit organization to get Sekou released from jail. The next day, he dies in an explosion from a bomb planted in his work van. He is publicly named as the perpetrator of the attack, but Carrie and Quinn discover that Jamie McClendon's group planted the bomb and framed Sekou.

Behind the Scenes


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