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Sock Puppets
Season 6, Episode 9
Written by: Chip Johannessen & Evan Wright
Directed by: Dan Attias
Production number: 6WAH09
Running time: 47 minutes
Original airdate: March 19, 2017
Viewers (millions): 1.26

Sock Puppets is the ninth episode of Season 6 of Homeland. It aired on March 19, 2017.


Carrie catches a break. Keane makes a plan. Max goes undercover.

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During her latest session with the court-ordered shrink, Carrie admits that her relationship with Franny’s father was “unusually intense,” and that she had always feared Franny would be a reminder of him, of Brody; it’s also the fact that Carrie had a hand in Brody’s death. She then talks more about Quinn and how the two also have a deep relationship.

Max follows up on Conlin’s death and traces the location of Conlin’s last phone call to the tech startup he was investigating. Aiming to learn more about the outfit, Max responds to one of their job postings. Max is interviewed and hired by Brett O’Keefe (Jake Weber). Max soon comes to learn that the organisation’s primary function is to control a massive number of fake social media accounts in order to push O’Keefe’s political agendas online.

Dar Adal betrays Javadi by revealing his location to Mossad, who are eager to interrogate him regarding the IRGC’s operations. Grasping his situation, Javadi secretly calls Carrie and puts his phone in speaker mode, allowing her to hear what’s happening. Carrie and Saul have the call traced, but arrive at Javadi’s hotel room well after he’s been taken away by Mossad operatives, though they do find the phone he left behind. On his phone is the footage of Farhad Nafisi (Bernard White) confessing that he was working for Mossad. Carrie and Saul present this evidence to President-elect Keane (Elizabeth Marvel). Along with Dar Adal’s involvement and the framing of Sekou Bah, they convince Keane that Dar, along with elements of Mossad, have been conspiring to falsely paint Iran as having violated the nuclear agreement.

Keane brings the solicitor general, George Pallis (David Thornton), into the fold to advise on Dar Adal. Pallis states that there is simply not enough evidence directly linking Dar to the conspiracy. He recommends that the only way to bring down Dar is for Carrie to testify that Dar covered up the infiltration by a Russian agent in the CIA Berlin station. Carrie is reluctant as it would lead to Saul being disgraced due to his relationship at the time with Allison, who was the mole. Carrie meets Saul and explains, much to his dismay, that it’s currently their only course of action.

Dar goes home to find that Quinn is waiting for him inside. When confronted about the killing of Astrid and attempt on Quinn’s life, Dar insists that he had nothing to do with it, even going as far as to say that he loves Quinn like a son and would do nothing to hurt him. Quinn pistol-whips Dar and leaves. Dar calls Belli (C.J. Wilson), demanding to know why he defied instructions to leave Quinn alone. The man responds that “there were other opinions”. Dar informs him that Quinn is still alive. Quinn is shown outside nearby, listening to their phone conversation via a Stingray device.


“I pushed him toward that ... I really don’t like this.” - Carrie says cryptically before crying

“I just spent 90 minutes with a shrink reminding me how I put people in harm’s way without thinking twice” - Carrie

“What’s with you people, the intelligence community?”- Keane

Carrie: “Maybe you shouldn’t have been f—ing a Russian mole,”

Saul: “Well, coming from someone who f—ed a guy in a suicide vest, that means a lot.”


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Jessica Dickey as Thompson
  • Carolyn Baeumler as Police Officer
  • Stephen Beach as Officer Jensen
  • Rod Brogan as Dar's Driver
  • Chris Barnes as Gun Shop Proprietor
  • Faust Checho as Hotel Manager
  • Michelle Simone Miller as Co-Worker #1
  • William Farrell as Co-Worker #2


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