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Sock Puppets
Season 6, Episode 9
Written by: Chip Johannessen & Evan Wright
Directed by: Dan Attias
Production number: 6WAH09
Running time: 47 minutes
Original airdate: March 19, 2017
Viewers (millions): 1.26

Sock Puppets is the ninth episode of Season 6 of Homeland. It aired on March 19, 2017.


Carrie catches a break. Keane makes a plan. Max goes undercover.

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“I pushed him toward that ... I really don’t like this.” - Carrie says cryptically before crying

“I just spent 90 minutes with a shrink reminding me how I put people in harm’s way without thinking twice” - Carrie

“What’s with you people, the intelligence community?”- Keane

Carrie: “Maybe you shouldn’t have been f—ing a Russian mole,”

Saul: “Well, coming from someone who f—ed a guy in a suicide vest, that means a lot.”


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Jessica Dickey as Thompson
  • Carolyn Baeumler as Police Officer
  • Stephen Beach as Officer Jensen
  • Rod Brogan as Dar's Driver
  • Chris Barnes as Gun Shop Proprietor
  • Faust Checho as Hotel Manager
  • Michelle Simone Miller as Co-Worker #1
  • William Farrell as Co-Worker #2


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