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Species Jump
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Season 7, Episode 6
Written by: Anya Leta & Ron Nyswaner
Directed by: Michael Offer
Production number: 7WAH06
Running time: 56 minutes
Original airdate: March 18, 2018
Viewers (millions): 1.25

Species Jump is the sixth episode of Season 7 of Homeland. It aired on March 18, 2018.


Saul calls an old friend. Wellington has a problem. Carrie enjoys a win.

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Simone Martin is served a subpoena to testify in front of Senator Paley’s (Dylan Baker) subcommittee. At a proffer session, she is shown evidence of her cash transactions, which was presented to Paley by Dante. Martin requests immunity in exchange for naming the person who ordered her to drop off the cash. When it becomes clear that Martin is going to implicate Wellington, Carrie wants to disrupt the proceedings as she believes Wellington to be innocent based on her surveillance. Dante is able to dissuade her. Not knowing how to proceed, Carrie explains the situation to Saul. As they recount the chain of events, Saul helps Carrie realise that Dante was the originator of the lead on Simone Martin, and that Dante might have been setting Carrie up from the beginning to bring down Wellington.

Saul recruits ex-CIA Russia expert Sandy and tech guru Clint to begin investigating Russia’s possible disinformation campaign. When a video of Wellington confronting Simone Martin goes viral, Clint deduces that the video originally came from a network of automated social media accounts – the same ones that disseminated the fake story about the supposed death of J.J. Elkins.

Krupin requests a meeting with Yevgeny Gromov where he orders Gromov to cease operations that have led to the deaths of American citizens on US soil, a violation of their protocol. Gromov dismisses Krupin’s concerns as those of an outdated regime. Shortly afterwards, Krupin is drowned by Gromov’s henchmen. Saul finds his necklace at the scene after receiving Krupin’s distress signal.

Carrie organises a celebration at a local bar, inviting Max, Dante, Anson, Stein, Doxie and Bennet. Carrie seduces Dante and they go back to his apartment. As they kiss, Dante falls unconscious, having been drugged by Carrie. The rest of Carrie’s team enters the apartment to search and take photos.


No one’s gonna understand how we fucked up terrorism if they don’t understand how we fucked up the Cold War - Sandy Langmore

“I’m onto another situation. A Russian intelligence operation involving active measures against the President of the United States.” - Saul


Yevgeny's brother and the Yeltin hospital. In S07xE06, Ivan and Yevgeny talk about the old and new Russia. Yevgeny then mentions his brother dying of tubercolosis in 1998 in a 'Yeltin' hospital.

It’s “Yeltsin” as in the first president of Russian federation Boris Yeltsin, aka Putin’s predecessor and mentor. Yeltsin was a lot more pro-west than Putin is today.

In the 1990’s, under Yeltsin after the fall of the Soviet Union, there was a chaotic socioeconomic collapse in Russia. In the 90’s, Soviet hospitals that used to be in good condition were crumbling apart, full of mold and absolutely zero rubles in funding. Suicides, depression, alcoholism were at all time highs. The “capitalist project” was a failure. The economy was destroyed, crime was everywhere (entire cities were ruled by gangs, police had no power). All while young soldiers were being slaughtered endlessly in Chechnya. Bombs from terrorists were going off in cities, there was no hope, and people didn’t have much to eat. This is all attributed to president Yeltsin.

Crisis named “Yeltsin Presidency”, aka one of the worst crisis in Russian history. This probably refers to the healthcare reforms they tried to implement after the Soviet Union has been dissolved, reforms that actually did more harm than good, leaving people sicker and with fewer chances to actually have access to medical assistance. Just google "Yeltsin health reforms" and you should get some good results, if you want to find out more.

Back in the late 1990s, Russian economy was in chaos and they heavily relied on the west for assistance. Many Russians think that’s a national humiliation. Yevgeny blames the pro-west policies of the 1990s for his brother’s death because he thinks the west was not wholeheartedly helping Russia and the Russian people foolishly relied on foreign assistance which is not nearly enough. Instead, Yevgeny prefers Putin’s more nationalistic policies which ultimately is going to rebuild Russia as a superpower, at least in his mind.

FWIU most of the reason that Putin is popular is that he 'rescued' Russia from the Soviet collapse, so when Yeltsin was around, things were visibly very bad for most of the country, and there was a real lack of hope that things would change. Those around at the time that Putin helped turn things around (by creating the oligarchy and using Mafia rule to control the masses) will always remember him as a savior and have tended to forgive the rest of his record since.

2004 Ukrainian revolution was a turning point for Russo-American relationships. Putin starts to become more and more hostile towards NATO afterwards. It escalated quickly after 2008 Russo-Georgian war and further escalated after the annexation of Crimea and Russian intervention in the Syrian war.


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Claire Keane as Franny Mathison
  • McKenna Keane as Franny Mathison
  • Charmin Lee as Ellen Richter
  • Austin Ku as Kevin Chan
  • Amy Parrish as Jen Rosenberg
  • Katie Killacky as Frances
  • Mike Sulick as State Dept. Employee


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