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Still Positive
Season 3 Episode 6
Season 3, Episode 6
Written by: Alexander Cary
Directed by: Lesli Linka Glatter
Production number: 3WAH06
Running time: 49 minutes
Original airdate: November 3, 2013
Viewers (millions): 2.00

Still Positive is the sixth episode of Season 3 of Homeland. It aired on November 3, 2013.


Carrie turns the tables on the mastermind of the Langley bombing, but recruiting one of Iran's most powerful operatives has dangerous consequences. Dana has changed her last name to her mother's maiden name, "Lazaro," as a continuation of her efforts to leave behind her troubled life as "Dana Brody". Jessica, Dana's mother, becomes intrigued by this idea. Meanwhile Saul struggles to keep an intrusive Senator Lockhart at bay, and Dana makes a radical decision that will change the Brody family forever.

Episode guide[]

Majid Javadi hooks Carrie up to a polygraph and begins asking her questions. Javadi can see that Carrie is lying. Carrie quickly drops the pretense and reveals that her having been disgraced by the CIA was part of a plan to lure Javadi into their clutches. She adds that they're aware of Javadi's embezzling of government funds and can make him an enemy of the state in Iran. When Javadi asks why he hasn't been arrested already, Carrie says that Saul wants to speak with him first. They agree to a meeting at a coffee shop later that day. Max, at a CIA safehouse, tracks Javadi's whereabouts via remote aerial surveillance. Upon returning home, Carrie checks in with Saul and informs him of the planned meet. Carrie then takes a pregnancy test, which comes up positive.

Saul informs Fara of his background with Javadi: at the time of the Iranian revolution in 1979, Saul and Javadi had been allies. Saul asked Javadi for help getting four of his informants out of the country. Instead, they were all assassinated when Javadi served them up to the new regime in order to secure a position in their intelligence ranks. Months later, as a bit of revenge, Saul helped Javadi's wife and child flee to the United States.


Dana Brody is severing ties to her tainted last name. She compels Jessica to allow her to change her last name from “Brody” to “Lazaro,” Jessica’s maiden name. Jessica is surprised/flattered and allows the change, thinking this will put an end to Dana’s suffering. “You seem like a nice young lady. Must have mom to thank for that. I can’t imagine what you all are going through. Would you permit me to pray for you,” the official tells a clearly disturbed Dana. No matter where she goes, it seems she is a prisoner to the identity her father’s apparent murderousness has foisted upon her. Much to Jessica’s chagrin, Dana is hardly finished. Angela, a friend of Dana's, arrives at the Brody house to pick her up. The reality of her association with the apparent Langley bomber has proven too much to bear, and Dana abruptly announces to her mother that she is moving out of the house. She leaves shortly thereafter with Angela, telling Jessica that she needs to move out of the house because her life as a Brody begins and ends in their house. “I can’t live this life anymore. I just can’t. I mean, it nearly killed me. I’ve gotta leave.” Dana tells her mom.  Dana does leave home despite protests from an at first incredulous Jessica, who then realizes why her daughter is leaving her. Jessica runs through the house and gives Dana the last of what little money the family has left.


Instead of going to the meeting, Javadi heads to a house which is being rented to his daughter-in-law Susan. When Saul realizes where Javadi is going, he immediately sends Carrie and Quinn there to intercept him. Javadi forces his way into the house, shoots Susan, and brutally murders his ex-wife Fariba with a broken bottle. Saul wonders why Fariba was there when she was supposed to be under witness protection in California. Carrie and Quinn arrive, capturing Javadi and retrieving the murder weapons. Susan's two-year-old child is also in the house, but Saul rebuffs Carrie's desire to take the child with them. The CIA is unable to clean up the murder scene before local homicide detectives arrive. After Carrie and Quinn deliver a blood-stained Javadi to the CIA safehouse, Saul strikes Javadi in the face, knocking him to the ground.



The DVDs have four major features:

  • Behind the scenes of the making of “Tower of David.” I found this much more interesting than I would have thought, especially considering I don’t really care much for the episode. It does reinforce just how ambitious and unique the episode is, from the mere perspective of recreating this real location. Really gives you a good idea of how much thought and care and time goes into creating scenes that last for less than 30 seconds.
  • Behind the scenes of “Big Man in Tehran” and “The Star.” This is actually not the same set of interviews Showtime has officially released in the past few months. Claire, Damian, Alex Gansa, Lesli Linka Glatter, and more talk about what it was like filming the final two episodes in Morocco, and of course the final two episodes of Brody’s story. Very interesting. There are some soul-crushing moments I’ll be giffing later. Just prepare yourselves.
  • Commentary on “The Star” with Alex Gansa, Damian Lewis, and Joe Hobeck (editor). This was honestly kind of a letdown. The insight they did add was very interesting and enlightening, especially from the editor (surprisingly enough), but there are also just moments of complete silence. Weird for a commentary. Gansa says they are just getting “lost” in the moment, but I can’t help wonder how much better this commentary would have been with this trio: Claire, Lesli, Meredith Stiehm. Alex Gansa provides good background about why certain storytelling decisions were made and he uses the word “restraint” a lot, which if you think about it is sort of the like the overall theme of the season’s tone.
  • Deleted scenes. I saved these for last because they were really the true highlight. Usually deleted scenes are boring and dull, but there are some really interesting ones in here. A few with the Brody family (and TWO reference Carrie Mathison which in and of itself is rather thrilling), a few with Quinn (the oft-referenced Quinn/Julia scene is here, and guess what? I actually HATED it). But I really wanna talk about one with Carrie that takes place in “The Star,” during the denouement. I’ll gif it tonight but it takes place at her OB/GYN and it’s so so so relevant to this upcoming season I feel like it’s required viewing for everyone.
  • "Still Positive” – deleted scene: In Season 3 when Carrie and Quinn get Javadi out of the house he kills his ex wife in, I feel like I saw a gif or a clip of Carrie in car asking about what's going to happen to the baby and Quinn saying it will be fine. They cut a few lines (or entire scenes) where Carrie is torn about the baby stuff in that episode.


Main Cast[]

Guest Starring[]


  • Emily Donahoe as Susan Roberts
  • Buzz Bovshow as Clerk
  • Kimberley Drummond as Angela
  • Ahmed Lucan as Navid
  • Mehul Shah as Aram
  • Rob Priester as Driver


  • Although credited, Damian Lewis does not appear in this episode


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