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The Tradition of Hospitality
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Season 5, Episode 2
Written by: Patrick Harbinson
Directed by: Lesli Linka Glatter
Production number: 5WAH02
Running time: 48 minutes
Original airdate: October 11, 2015
Viewers (millions): 1.40

“Before I was different. I was young and alone. There was no one waiting for me at home”. - Carrie

The Tradition of Hospitality is the second episode of Season 5 of Homeland.  It aired on October 11, 2015.


Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) and a team from the Düring Foundation travel to a refugee camp on the Syrian-Lebanese border to make arrangements for Otto Düring's (Sebastian Koch) visit there. Meanwhile, in Berlin, Allison Carr (Miranda Otto) and Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) clash over strategy.

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Carrie reaches the Lebanese border with Philipp Becker and Mike Brown and visits the refugee camp there. They get in without any problems and meet directly with Colonel Haugen, who explains that the number of refugees is increasing rapidly. Carrie immediately asks about the safe area on the premises so that they can prepare for the appearance of Otto Düring, who wants to use the media to ensure that the situation is noticed again and that more money is donated. Haugen declares a small zone safe, but Carrie and the people at the foundation don't really have enough. They are interrupted by a man asking Carrie over. Haugen explains that it should also be mentioned that the foundation is making deals with Hezbollah, but Carrie explains that talking is not a deal.

Carrie, Philip and Mike follow the man to the place where Carrie meets with the refugee camp manager, Waleed. At first he accuses her of belonging to the CIA, which Carrie corrects immediately. She explains that it will be worth following her wishes, but Waleed replies that he hasn't seen any money yet. Carrie explains that Al-Amin has already been paid, but she is to be taken away. Carrie manages to make her voice heard when she puts $40,000 on the table. Waleed explains that he can only guarantee the safety of Düring and his people in the overcrowded camp for a maximum of one hour. Carrie agrees.

Laura Sutton has been invited to a talk show to discuss her revelations about the privacy affair. Saul and Allison Carr watch the show on TV with suspicion. Allison explains that the BND observed Laura when she came to Berlin. She shows Saul pictures showing Laura with Carrie, but both think she has nothing to do with it, even though both work for Düring. Meanwhile, Laura explains on TV that her apartment is certainly being searched, which is correct, because at the same time Astrid and some employees are looking for information in her apartment and find a safe that they didn't expect. While Laura tells how she came to Germany mainly because her personal rights are protected here, Astrid asks Hans to bring Laura to her.

The men who sent the document to Laura are also watching the program with satisfaction, and the question is being asked about the source. She explains that she doesn't know the source and is honored to have been sent this and will protect anyone no matter what happens to her. Numan thinks that she indirectly asked them to send the rest of the documents, but his friend Korz points out that if they were monitored by the police, it would be easier to catch them. He also thinks Laura is getting rich through her TV appearances. So he wonders why they can't get rich too. Numan thinks information should be free and leaves.

Peter observes two women. Fatima is talking to a girl who explains that she cannot fulfill her wish. But Fatima asks who saved her from her misery and explains that Allah chose her for an important job and that's the only way she could get into paradise. So the girl changes her mind. When they part, Peter follows Fatima unobtrusively, but loses sight of her.

Laura has finished her show. She's just leaving the building. Numan is on his way to her when suddenly a dark car pulls up, men get out, introduce themselves to Laura as a federal intelligence service and simply take her with them. Numan quickly turns around again.  

Carrie is back at the hotel in Beirut, waiting for Otto Düring. She meets Hank Wonham, who says he's surprised Carrie is now working for Düring. He thinks this is just a game between her and Saul, but Carrie firmly denies that. Hank still hopes to get some information from her about Waleed, but Carrie doesn't agree and leaves Hank puzzled.

In the evening she meets Otto Düring on the terrace, who is throwing a small party at the hotel. Carrie isn't thrilled because she wasn't told, but Otto says he obviously wants to get some business use out of his trip. They bring up the topic of visiting the refugee camp and Carrie honestly explains that everything is ready, but the situation on the ground is unpredictable and they only have an hour. Otto says that this is pretty little, but accepts that. Gunshots can be heard in the distance and Carrie says it must be just a wedding. Otto notices that Carrie is feeling good. She talks about her first foreign assignment in Lebanon in 2004, where she wasn't afraid at all. But that is different now because she is no longer alone and someone is waiting for her at home.

Astrid enters the room where Laura Sutton is being held. Laura immediately demands her lawyer because they have no right to arrest her. But Astrid shows her an excerpt from the law book, which says that foreign nationals can be detained for up to 18 months if they pose a threat. Laura continues to demand her lawyer, but Astrid wants the name of the source. She makes it clear that Laura's behavior has increased the likelihood that an attack will be carried out in Europe because suspected terrorists can no longer be monitored. Laura explains that there are legal ways to do this, which Astrid declares to be a resource problem. But Laura replies that they had at least five men available to arrest her instead of taking care of the terrorists. Allison and Saul watched parts of the interrogation. Allison can't understand Laura putting the country under so much pressure to make her mark. But Saul has other concerns. He was at a meeting with German politicians who want to see heads roll. But it should be an important member from the American side. So Saul explains that Allison has 24 hours to leave Germany, which is why she reacts angry.  

Carrie calls Jonas and explains how much it means to her that he is there for her and taking care of her daughter. Jonas gets reassurances that Carrie won't put herself in harm's way and they explain that they miss each other.

Peter has picked up the scent of Fatima again, who meets three girls, provides them with money and gets into a van with them. They briefly discuss the official story should they be stopped. Peter finally chases the car.

Laura's lawyer Jonas gets Laura out of her plight and shows that a judge immediately confirmed the illegal arrest. Legal action will still be taken. Astrid counters, saying that if she releases more documents, she will be expelled from the country because she has already committed a crime and is a threat to the country.

Otto Düring holds a press conference in the refugee camp and Carrie walks around the facility to spot any suspicious people. Otto explains that there is a lack of money everywhere and that he is providing $10 billion, which is just the beginning. The crowd claps. When the speech is over, Carrie wants to do everything she can to leave quickly because the hour is up. But Otto asks for ten minutes so that he can shake hands.  

Allison informs Saul that Laura has been released but has been followed by several teams. She also wants to talk about her dismissal again because she has heard that there are also problems in the Ukraine and that she is the best place to find new people there, because otherwise they would be completely blind there. Saul again states that he has no room for manoeuvre, leading Allison to ask what he would do if Carrie were in front of him with the matter. Saul says he would do the same. Allison doesn't believe that and says he would protect her no matter what he had to do to get it. But he should finally come to terms with the fact that Carrie is no longer there and take care of those who support him.

Otto is still talking to refugees when Carrie asks again to finally leave. Otto agrees, but is then stopped again by a woman with her son. Meanwhile, Carrie's attention is drawn to a man who looks suspicious. You try to keep an eye on him. The man is finally caught, but instead of putting his hands up, he takes a woman hostage. Carrie gives the order to shoot when he is revealed to be wearing an explosive vest. After that, she, Otto and the team immediately flee. Outside the camp, however, everything is empty. Carrie demands that the driver stop, but the driver doesn't. She finally grabs the handbrake when suddenly a bomb goes off just in front of them. They escape safely, the driver escapes and Carrie takes the wheel. They drive straight to the plane, but Carrie doesn't want to get on. She wants to know what happened because she believes the attack was planned from the start and had nothing to do with the timing. Otto tries to persuade her, but Carrie is determined to get to the bottom of the matter. A little later she is in the toilet, crying and begging God to help her.

Fatima has arrived at a gas station with the girls, where she says goodbye to the girls. They get into another car and drive on. Peter immediately gives the number of the car so that he can be monitored, but he stays at the gas station and waits for Fatima. She has changed and is wearing a headscarf again. As she is about to get in the car, Quinn confronts her, looks at her face and shoots her in the head. After that, he takes a picture of the corpse and leaves.

Allison calls Dar Adal and explains that it was a mistake to fire her because she is also important to the Russian space. She suggests moving Saul up, because that's just as clear a sign. She also asks who Dar Adal would rather have in Berlin, Saul or her?  

Saul goes incognito to a post office and deposits a new order in a mailbox.

Carrie enters her hotel room and is surprised by a man, Behruz, who assures her that he doesn't want to harm her. Rather, he wants to give back the money they got because security could not be guaranteed. Waleed betrayed her. However, he shows Carrie a video on his cell phone of how they were able to find out more information about the attack from the tortured Waleed. He explains that the target was not Düring, but the CIA's wife. They tried for six hours to get more information but failed, so the employers are probably even more frightening than Hezbollah. Carrie should leave Beirut as soon as possible because someone wants her dead.  

Peter is at the post office, puts his old cell phone in the mailbox and picks up his new envelope. There he finds a newspaper and a code with which he can piece together the name of his next victim. He writes out the letters one after the other and the result is the word Mathison. Peter puts the documents aside and drives off.


Allison: “I heard what you said to Arthur, about relocating the Donetsk assets”

Saul: “I heard, they’re burned”

Allison: “You know I recruited them both”

Saul: “Yes”

Allison: “And their loss makes us completely blind in Eastern Ukraine, where World War III could break out any day”

Saul: “Well you exaggerate, but I know”


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Assaad Bouab as Waleed
  • Tobias Santelmann as Colonel Haugen
  • Atossa Leoni as Fatima
  • Torben Liebrecht as Philipp Becker
  • Max Volkert Martens as TV Anchor
  • Lea van Acken as Ayla
  • Sebastian Hülk as Hans
  • Christian Serritiello as Arthur Rubin


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