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Thomas Anson
Thomas Anson.jpg
Status: Alive
Birthplace: United States
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Profession: Former CIA Agent
Significant other(s): Carrie Mathison (ex-lover)
Played by: James D'Arcy
Season(s): 7
First episode: "Active Measures"
Last episode: "Paean to the People"

Carrie: You okay? Donna says you're falling apart, but she says a lot of things.

Anson: Yeah, you know how Donna used to say she thought I was fucking you, but That's 'cause I was fucking you.

Thomas Anson is a former colleague of Carrie Mathison, who is now in trouble professionally and personally. When Carrie seeks him out on a secret mission regarding Simone Martin, he's living in a trailer. However, he quickly becomes one of her closest confidants again.


Thomas Anson is a former CIA field agent who worked with Carrie during her 6-month tenure as Kabul Station Chief (Season 4). They had an affair, which led to the dissolution of Thomas' marriage to Donna. Even so, Mathison and Thomas remain friends.

Season 7

Carrie recruits him alongside a team of other former colleagues from the Middle East in a mission to uncover a Russian conspiracy to undermine President Keane's administration. Anson leads both efforts to track down Simone Martin (in Washington D.C. and later Russia), as well as helping find evidence of Dante Allen's role in the conspiracy.

Carrie also has Anson steal files from Maggie Mathison's clinic attesting to her theft of psychiatric medication for Carrie, which Carrie plans to use as leverage in her custody battle with her sister regarding the care of her daughter Franny. However, Carrie ultimately decides against it.

While trying to buy time for Saul to rush Simone out of Russia, Carrie gets out of the grey Mercedes and runs. To delay the Russian cops from chasing her, Anson drives full speed into a head on collision with a cop car.

Max tells Carrie that Anson made it to the US embassy while she is hiding at the station and he is later seen at the safe house when President Keane shows up to congratulate them on a job well done.


The actor is set to play Anson, an arrogant former special ops agent to who went to The Farm (the CIA’s Camp Peary) with Carrie (Claire Danes). - BY MIKEY O'CONNELL


[man speaking indistinctly on TV.]


Anson? [man on TV.]

but stayed heavily involved in Cuban policy.

Then in - [knocks.]

- [Carrie.]


[TV continues indistinctly.]

[door opens.]

- [Carrie.]

You in here? - Oh, fuck me.

[inhales deeply.]

Get out of my house.

This isn't a house.

I swear to fucking God.

[TV continues indistinctly.]

You smell bad.

[man on TV.]

students marching in the streets - Offer me a beer.

- No.

[TV continues indistinctly.]

[exhales deeply.]

[bottle cap pops.]

[opener thuds.]

Donna said she threw you out.

Why would you call her? Because you wouldn't pick up the phone.

What do you think that means? You took a sledgehammer to the family room? I'm renovating.

What, are you a marriage counselor now? How long you been out of work? [man on TV speaking foreign language.]

[exhales deeply.]

Three months.

Same as everybody.

You okay? Donna says you're falling apart, but she says a lot of things.

Yeah, you know how Donna used to say she thought I was fucking you, but That's 'cause I was fucking you.

- [chuckles.]

- [bottle rim pops.]


I'm putting a team together.

You're first on my list, so I need to know if you're really losing it or just acting out.


Season 7
"Enemy of the State" "Rebel Rebel" "Standoff" "Like Bad at Things" Active Measures
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