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Thomas Walker
Tom Walker 2
Status: Deceased
Date of death: December 18, 2011
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Alias(es): Tom, Marine Two
Affiliation: US Marine Corps logo USMC
Profession: US Marine Corps Corporal Corporal, USMC
Marital status: Married
Spouse(s): Helen Walker
Children: Lucas Walker
Played by: Chris Chalk
Season(s): 1, 3
First episode: "Pilot"
Last episode: "One Last Thing" (hallucination)

Thomas Patrick Walker, nickname "Tom", was a Marine who was in active duty along with Nicholas Brody when they were both captured by al-Qaeda forces. According to Brody, Walker was killed during their captivity, but it was later revealed that Brody was tricked. He returned to the US on the mission for Nazir. His codename is Marine Two.

Tom had been married to Helen Walker, with whom he had a son, Lucas.


Tom Walker is a fictional character, who appears in the novel written by Andrew Kaplan:

  1. Carrie's Run
  2. Saul's Game


Tom Walker is a Marine sniper who was captured in Iraq with Nicholas Brody and has been missing since then. After Brody's rescue, it was said that he died in captivity.


Tom was questioned by Abu Nazir's men during his captivity and paused for a long time. One method of doing this was to have Brody torture Tom. This went so far that Brody beat Tom to death and even had to dig his grave. However, they just wanted to make Brody believe that Tom was dead. Tom is still alive and is also in Washington after Brody's return. Here he disguises himself as a homeless person who repeatedly seeks refuge in a mosque that looks after those in need. However, he also has a contact person there who carries out secret business with him.

Tom Walker

Walker after returning to America.

Tom has a wife, Helen, and a son and, despite his new job, has a great need to be close to his family again. He watches his son at school and always calls home when no one is there so he can hear the voices of his loved ones on the answering machine. He calls once at night because he wants to talk to Helen. Since Helen is also very pleased to now have certainty that her husband is still alive, she warns him that the phone call is being monitored. Tom flees to the mosque and can escape the CIA. In the meantime, his mission has also become more concrete. He was given a modern rifle with which he can shoot accurately over long distances. He practices handling in the forest and happens to meet a hunter. Before he can really realize that he has a wanted terrorist in front of him, Tom shoots him with his gun. Meanwhile, the CIA has learned that Mansour Al-Zahrani keeps contacting Tom by arranging a meeting through a red heart on the window. He is initiated to do this again, but Tom already suspects that it could be a trap and pays a homeless man who looks like him to walk to the meeting point with a suitcase. Shortly before it becomes clear that it is not Tom, he detonates a bomb from a safe distance and disappears into the chaos.

Brody kills Walker

Walker shortly after his death.

Shortly afterwards he hides in a car and gets through the barrier and close to Vice President William Walden. He targets the Vice President from an outbuilding, shoots his companion Elizabeth Gaines and fires another shot to cause panic and get Brody through security unhindered.

A little later, Tom meets with Brody. Tom is angry that their plan didn't work and threatens Brody with a gun because he doubts his loyalty and doesn't believe that Brody's vest just didn't work. He thinks Brody is weak and thinks he panicked. During the entire conversation he had Nazir on, who now wants to talk to Brody and demands his loyalty. Since Tom doesn't know exactly what it's about, he is careless for a very brief moment and is unceremoniously shot by Brody.

Only Last Thing[]

One final appearance was made in a hallucination Brody experienced during an extreme heroin withdrawal. In this episode Brody has the hallucination that he's standing in front of Tom Walker singing the correct lyrics to the "Anthem of the Marines".


Corporal Thomas Patrick Walker (d. December 18, 2011) was a scout sniper in the United States Marine Corps who was captured along with his partner, Sgt. Nick Brody. Walker, like Brody, becomes loyal to al-Qaeda after several years as a prisoner-of-war. Both men are dispatched to the United States with roles in an impending terrorist attack.

At some point in, or before 2003, Tom Walker joined the United States Marine Corps. Tom Walker was a US Marine Force recon sniper deployed during the Iraq War.

Tom was the partner of the Marine Scout Sniper Sergeant Nick Brody. On May 19, 2003, both Walker and another Scout Sniper, Nick Brody, were captured near the Syrian border by forces loyal to Saddam Hussein.

After Nick was rescued eight years later, he stated that Tom was beaten to death during their captivity. Nick also claimed that he didn't actually witness his death, but Nick had memories of being forced to beat Tom himself as Abu Nazir watched. (Pilot)

All of the things that Brody said the terrorists tried to get him to believe are even more true for Walker. Walker watched his own fellow Marine and friend seemingly attempt to beat him to death. His wife actually moved on and married another man. And the Marines never came to rescue him. If anybody’s got a grudge the terrorists can exploit—a grudge the terrorists have mostly created, granted—it’s Walker.

He was held captive for eight years. Some time after his capture, Tom returned to America, working for Abu Nazir. A turned POW, when it was first presumed to be Nick. After returning home, he turned against the United States. (The Weekend)

Walker's cover is blown when he is identified by Aileen Morgan, triggering a national manhunt. Walker, the Marine Two, successfully carries out his part in the attack, assassinating Elizabeth Gaines and causing a mass evacuation into the State Department. Afterwards, Abu Nazir commands Brody to kill Walker, due to Walker's exposed identity.

During his career as a Congressman, Nick Brody mentioned killing Walker. (The Smile)

Marines that previously had served with Walker became suspicious of the events of his death, including Captain Mike Faber and Lauder Wakefield. They were wondering how in his entire career, Walker never missed a single shot and suddenly missed three.

Mike had asked Brody to investigate Walker's death using Congressional power to help get the job done, but when Brody turned up with no new information, Lauder was angry. Brody replied to Lauder, stating that Walker stopped being a Marine as soon as he turned traitor. (Beirut is Back)

Character profile[]

Tom Walker, a character from the hit television series Homeland, is a complex and intriguing individual who captivates viewers with his mysterious storyline. Initially believed to be dead, he later resurfaces and is revealed to have been turned by the same people who turned Brody, another central character in the show. With his exceptional sniper skills and a simmering grudge against the United States, Tom Walker brings a riveting dynamic to the series.

Tom Walker's character arc is one of secrecy, betrayal, and the blurred lines between good and evil. At first, viewers are led to believe that he perished while on a military mission in Iraq. His unexpected return as a soldier turned terrorist injects a fresh twist into the narrative, leaving viewers wondering about his motivations and loyalties. Did he willingly align himself with the enemies, or was he coerced or brainwashed into exuding such animosity towards his home country?

As a skilled sniper, Walker's expertise in marksmanship makes him an extremely dangerous adversary. His lethal precision and ability to strike from a distance evoke fear and uncertainty among his targets. Walker's proficiency as a sniper symbolizes not only his physical prowess but also the psychological impact he has on those he seeks to harm. The constant threat he poses keeps the tension high and adds an extra layer of complexity to the show's narrative.

Beneath his deadly skills and actions lies Walker's deep-seated grudge against the United States. While the exact background and reasons for his dissatisfaction are not explicitly revealed, it is clear that he harbors a profound anger towards his homeland. This grudge may stem from personal experiences, disillusionment with the U.S. government, or a combination of factors that have led him down this path of antagonism.

To fully appreciate the character of Tom Walker, one can analyze his portrayal through various theoretical lenses. One could argue that his transformation from patriot to terrorist reflects the concept of radicalization, where individuals undergo significant ideological shifts due to their experiences or interactions with radical ideologies. Walker's journey raises questions about the influence of external forces on an individual's perspective and decision-making.

Another theoretical approach to understanding Tom Walker's character is through the lens of identity. As a former soldier turned enemy combatant, Walker experiences a fractured sense of self. His allegiance to a cause that opposes his original military mission challenges his identity as an American soldier. This internal struggle manifests as he grapples with the desire to exact revenge on the country he once served.

In addition to the analytical and theoretical aspects, what makes Tom Walker particularly compelling is the way the show presents him in a down-to-earth and relatable manner. Despite his dangerous intentions and the havoc he wreaks, viewers are still able to empathize with his complex emotions and internal turmoil. Homeland effectively humanizes Walker, reminding us that even those who commit heinous acts may have discernible reasons behind their actions.

In conclusion, the character of Tom Walker in Homeland brings a fascinating and multifaceted dimension to the series. His initial believed death, revelation as a turned operative, formidable sniper skills, and deep-seated grudge against the United States all contribute to his enigmatic presence. By analyzing his character from various theoretical perspectives and appreciating the show's down-to-earth portrayal, viewers can fully grasp the complexities of Tom Walker's role and its significance within the Homeland universe. [x]


The character's last name is the same as that of John Walker Lindh,  “the American Taliban.”

Over the years, Showtime has given the world some scintillating and gripping documentaries to watch and reflect upon. The latest from its roster, 'Detainee 001' releases in the same month that still gives the US a chill down its spine. The Greg Barker directed docu focuses on John Walker Lindh, a radical famously known as 'The American Taliban'. - By Aharon Abhishek

Through never-before-seen footage of his capture and interrogations, Emmy winning director Greg Barker harrowingly explores how America grapples with justice in the fog of war and how narratives are built and destroyed in the aftermath of battle. [x]


  • We've been hearing chatter for days now,
  • Marine One, Marine Two.
  • I-I-It's not the President's helicopter.
  • It's actual marines--Brody and Walker.
  • They are Marine One and Marine Two.
  • They're working together, they must be. - Carrie
  • Dana: Dad, she said that you were working with Tom Walker, that-that you're a terrorist.
  • Brody: I'm not.
  • I gotta say I am impressed.
  • You've got the balls to show up.
  • I'm impressed you're alive.
  • Care to explain?
  • We all went to the same place, Nick, I just got out of there a lot quicker.
  • Now, you wanna tell me what happened yesterday?
  • I don't answer to you, Tom!
  • And I didn't come in here to make excuses.
  • What the fuck happened?
  • I came here because you got a direct line to Nazir.
  • Fuck Nazir!
  • My vest malfunctioned, okay?
  • Bullshit!
  • You fucking panicked!
  • Tom?
  • Maybe what happened yesterday was a good thing.
  • What if I had detonated that vest?
  • What would be different?
  • Ask yourself that.
  • Today, they would've just replaced Walden with somebody else.
  • So the fuck what?
  • So, that means I'm close to the next president of the United States, Tom.
  • That puts me in a unique position.
  • Nazir? You listened to this garbage, Nazir?
  • I'm listening.
  • What do you want me to do?
  • Put Nicholas on the phone.
  • Nazir?
  • Is it true what you say?
  • Yes, I hit the switch but nothing happened.
  • I meant about the vice-president.
  • Yes, it's true.
  • At the very least, I'd be able to influence policy at the highest levels.
  • Why kill a man when you can kill an idea?
  • That's what I'm thinking.
  • Nazir, are you still there?
  • I want to believe what you say, but to help me believe I need a demonstration of your commitment.
  • Name it.
  • You did it once or at least you were told you did, uh?
  • There is a wild card in this new play.
  • You understand what I'm saying?
  • Nicholas?
  • Yeah, I understand.
  • Then say goodbye.
  • Tell Walker I need to speak to him privately.
  • Wants to talk to you.
  • [Abu Nazir commands Brody to kill Walker, due to Walker's exposed identity.]
  • Corporal Walker... Corporal Thomas Walker... Corporal Thomas Patrick Walker.... - Brody


  • From the Halls of Montezuma
  • To the shores of Tripoli;
  • We fight our country's battles
  • In the air, on land, and sea;
  • First to fight for right and freedom
  • And to keep our honor clean;
  • We are proud to claim the title
  • Of United States Marine.
  • Our flag's unfurled to every breeze
  • From dawn to setting sun;
  • We have fought in ev'ry clime and place
  • Where we could take a gun;
  • In the snow of far-off Northern lands
  • And in sunny tropic scenes;
  • You will find us always on the job
  • The United States Marines.
  • Here's health to you and to our Corps
  • Which we are proud to serve;
  • In many a strife we've fought for life
  • And never lost our nerve;
  • If the Army and the Navy
  • Ever look on Heaven's scenes;
  • They will find the streets are guarded
  • By United States Marines.
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