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Tova Rivlin
Tova Rivlin.jpg
Status: Alive
Birthplace: Israel
Nationality: Flag of Israel.png Israeli
Profession: Mossad agent
Played by: Hadar Ratzon Rotem
Season(s): 5, 6
First episode: "All About Allison"
Last episode: "The Covenant"

Tova Rivlin (Hadar Ratzon Rotem) is an Israeli intelligence agent who works closely with the CIA's Saul Berenson and Dar Adal.

In Berlin, she and Etai Luskin help Saul fake his defection to Israel to protect him from being apprehended on false pretenses by the CIA.

She and Dar Adal later conspire to mislead Saul (and by extension, President-elect Keane) that Iran is running a parallel nuclear program with North Korea.


When Saul Berenson is in Abu Dhabi, Tova Rivlin, along with Mossad, helps him arrest and interrogate Iranian Farhad Nafisi. They are looking for evidence of illegal arms deals and a parallel Iranian nuclear program. She presents evidence to Saul, who refuses to accept it because it is too convoluted and not clear facts. Later she listens to Saul's questioning of Nafisi from an adjoining room and also has to watch how Saul lets Nafisi go again. But he then explains to her why he is doing this and she makes sure that Saul also informs Dar Adal about it. They want to find out why Nafisi is using a secret account to pay for weapons that Iran can legally obtain. So you suspect there's more to it than that.


Season 5
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