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Season 2 of Homeland comes back to Showtime in less than a week! The series returns with a slew of well deserved Emmy wins under its belt too, along with an audience intrigued by what the next run of episodes holds for Carrie, Brody.

The possibilities are fascinating! Here are some predictions about what the future can hold for Homeland. Be sure to chime in with your own predictions in the comments below!


  • Painful reunion? Sixth months have passed since the end of the first season. Since then, Carrie has undergone intense psychological therapy and Brody has committed himself in a run for political office. It's unlikely their relationship will kick off with anything less than a bang.
  • Revelations? It seems clear Carrie has forgotten some of the crucial information about Nazir's son. She is also more psychologically unwell than before. In an interview with tv.com, Damian Lewis revealed that the show creators have another episode like The Weekend that will change things dramatically during the season. What could this be?
  • Trouble with Jess? Brody's wife, wonderfully played by Morena Baccarin, is now becoming an almost political-family figure. With so much to lose, Jess might actually take extreme measures to keep Brody's secrets hidden.
  • Clash with Mike? With Jess's former-flame having ties to military intelligence, we could see a big clash between Brody and Mike if he gleans enough information from the report on the Vice President's assassination attempt.
  • More Abu Nazir? Navid Negahban, the actor who plays Nazir, has been confirmed as a series regular for season 2. While this could mean to choice flashbacks, we could predict a greater role in Brody's affairs in Season 2.

Season Preview

  • Homeland show runners have confirmed that Carrie's and Brody's relationship will remain in the forefront of Season 2.
  • While Claire Danes's real-life pregnancy fueled some speculation that Carrie could be expecting in Season 2, it has been confirmed that Danes' pregnancy will have no effect on the series.
  • Like Navid Negahban, Jamey Sheridan is returning to Season 2 as a series regular. Expect a good deal of political drama with Walden during the show's election.

Season 2 Trailer


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