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Virgil Piotrowski
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Affiliation: CIA
Sibling(s): Max Piotrowski (brother, deceased)
Marital status: Married
Played by: David Marciano
Season(s): 1, 2, 3
First episode: "Pilot"
Last episode: "One Last Thing"

Played by David Marciano, Virgil Piotrowski is a former employee of the CIA who went freelance.


2006: Carrie met and became friends with Virgil in Beirut. (Carrie's Run: Homeland Novel)

2009: they both worked for the CIA in Iraq. ( Homeland: Saul's Game)


Virgil Piotrowski is a freelance surveillance expert and former CIA employee. He is one of Carrie's few friends. Carrie often enlists him to help her with surveillance operations, including that of Nicholas Brody's household. He frequently runs operations alongside his younger brother Max, also a freelancer with relatively less field experience but formidable technical skill.

About Him

Carrie hires Virgil to put "eyes and ears" into every room in Nick Brody's house and to observe the audio/video feeds for her while she's at work. Because Carrie is paying only $1000 a day, Virgil performs a bare bones job with his younger brother Max Piotrowski instead of with his normal team (Nick and Eddie). Virgil, Carrie, and Max eavesdrop on what they thought was a suspiciously clandestine meeting for Nick, but actually turned out to be a private discussion with Thomas Walker's widow, Helen. Virgil confronts Carrie about the anti-psychotic medication Max found in her bathroom.

Personal life and relationships

Virgil trusts Carrie and says he loves her, despite whatever issues she might be going through. Max is his younger brother. When he's hired at his normal rates for surveillance, he works with two guys named Nick and Eddie.

Background information and notes

  • Virgil performs his services under the guise of a business named "Ballard Home Communications".
  • Since he is the brother of Max, we learn in Season 6 that his last name is Piotrowski.

Behind the Scenes


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